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Applicant tracking systems: How businesses can improve their hiring

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It is a long and complicated process when looking at the hiring process from beginning to end. Multiple people involvement from both inside and outside the organization not to mention all the steps in dealing with each one.

Companies today do benefit though from using Applicant Tracking Systems Software (ATS) to assist in identifying and hiring the best people for your organization’s job openings.

Previously Applied Candidates Have Better Consideration

Prior to ATS applications, it was very much an easier thing to post a job opening and collect fresh new applicants. While employees had older applications on hardcopy file, the time it took to review each one over again along with new applications was a strain at best on hours dedicated to finding candidates to interview.

Applicant Tracking Systems maintain a database of candidate profiles. When a job opening returns to the system, you can efficiently review past candidates (through filters for example) in order to assess their eligibility.

Identify The Right Candidates

Using search queries in ATS and the search parameters (e.g. “AND,” “OR,” and “NOT’” qualifiers) will narrow your selection of potential candidates significantly thus quickly identifying the best candidates available.

Replicating Your Current Workflow in The ATS

Identifying qualified job prospects is only one part of the hiring process. Over time you will also need to involve other people to review resumes, participate in interviews, etc.

ATS applications have the ability to customize their workflow to meet your current one. Each hiring stage that your employees are used to will be reflected in the new system. This would also include an internal communication hub for the team.

Tracking Candidates as They Progress

It’s not easy to track all of the candidates as the interview process gets underway. Keeping a steady pace can prove a challenge when filling roles in a timely manner.

An applicant tracking system gives you insight into the status of each job opening and all those who have applied for them. Using this information, you can drill down to the candidate level to check the stage they are at in the process. This way you can easily check to see if any of the positions in need of filling may be stalled along the way.

Asking The Right Questions

Having the ability to pre-screen potential candidates would prove beneficial to the hiring process as almost immediately, you will be able to screen out individuals who do not meet the criteria needed to move to the next level.

Applicant tracking systems can ask customized questions related to the specific role or more general questions like “Why are you interested in this role?” Asking the right questions at this stage avoids both you and your candidate from wasting time as the ‘right fit’ may not be there. If you do qualify the applicant, then bringing them on will be the right decision. A quality employee will improve your business, while your business will improve their life.

The advantage of the ATS is that should an opening come about that a particular candidate did not succeed earlier, their profile may be brought forward for this one instead.

Vital To Your Recruiting Efforts

An applicant tracking system is vital to streamlining your recruiting and hiring process. Your time and energy recovered from using this system can be refocused on other tasks involved with finding the right candidate for the role.

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