The real reason the CFP has Ohio State #1 this week

College Football PlayoffThe world is up in arms, because the world gets up in arms over these kinds of things, Ohio State being #1 in the first CFP rankings.

You have to know what’s up here, though.

The CFP is for all intents and purposes an ESPN property.

You know who’s broadcasting this weekend’s LSU-Alabama game.


I hear you, I hear you. ESPN is taking its “GameDay” show to Tuscaloosa, so it wouldn’t have any reason to artificially have LSU-‘Bama downgraded from a Game of the Century to #2 vs. #3.

OK, got you on that one.

For three hours on Saturday, and all day today, leading in, ESPN gets to remind us that Tigers-Tide is #2-vs.#3, so, congrats on that, CBS.

You can bet this is what happens: Ohio State beats whatever the latest tomato can is in front of them on the schedule (editor’s note: it’s Maryland). Whoever wins between LSU and ‘Bama, they’re #1 next week.

Bank it.

Column by Chris Graham

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