The Fed’s taper is here: What does that mean for retail investors?

investingQuantitative easing measures, in place from early 2020, have helped America to stay afloat. Using funds largely generated from government bonds, signs are now there that this process will be tapered; according to CNBC, the Federal Reserve taper is now imminent. This is going to have a huge impact on the long-term stock market, though analysts feel that firms have already prepared. What impact this will have on the average retail investor in Augusta, seasoned or new, however, remains to be seen – but a good place to prepare is general research strategies.

Building research

Research underpins any successful stock portfolio and the need for good quality research is never more pressing than during a taper event. As Forbes outlines, the impacts of the taper on the market can be unpredictable – one frequently impacted area of business in such events is housebuilding, yet their stocks continue to remain solid. Picking a good research platform is key, and using an operator who has experience in tapers is key. The platform you choose can tie together your trading strategy and knowledge. The Motley Fool Options service is one example; it offers in-depth research on options, which can be beneficial in a volatile market. Conversely, all-in options like Atom can give a more well-rounded view to your investments.

Looking for options

The balance of the market will change with the latest taper. Stocks may move away from infrastructure and critical spending markets, like agriculture, and back towards luxuries and other classic value markets. These changes will bring about various opportunities that Augusta traders should take advantage of. New ways of trading will be especially relevant in Virginia; the state is the heart of the east-coast recovery, and that will be reflected in the stocks and shares market. There is, of course, the danger of over-investing – what if there’s too much temptation on the market, ways to potentially inflate your portfolio? As with any stock trading event or strategy, the crucial element is in retaining control and staying calm.

Staying cool

CNN has highlighted the volatility of the current market. 5-day surges are met with sudden slips that make traders feel a little shaky – that’s to be expected. However, it’s important to remember that the federal taper has been expected for a long time. QE cannot continue indefinitely; it’s a measure that has an end when markets and the overall economy are stabilized, allowing conditions to regularize themselves back to normal and help traders to get back to what they do best – making profits. Your stock market strategy, if successful, will have seen more highs and lows than the current market changes; keep trusting your strategy.

Look for the opportunities but do it wisely. The stock market is shifting significantly – and that means change, sometimes overawing. Adhering to your investment strategy and gently adapting it to the new normal is the key – this will maximize your positive impact.

Story by Shelly Collett

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