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Tom Perriello: My final report to the people of the Fifth

Last week, I left the U.S. Congress after a final legislative act – unanimous passage of my bill to make sure that no American soldier is welcomed home from duty with a foreclosure notice. For the next two years, our heroes in uniform will be protected from foreclosure for at least 9 months after a […]

Tom Perriello: Permanent Medicare reimbursement fix

Last week, Congress took an important step to make sure that our senior citizens can continue to see their doctors for care by protecting the reimbursement rates for doctors who participate in the Medicare system. The House passed bipartisan legislation that blocks the 25 percent cut in Medicare payments to doctors that could have gone […]

Tom Perriello: Middle-class tax cuts

Last week, Congress completed several pieces of overdue legislation to provide economic relief for the middle class and the unemployed, approve adequate reimbursements for doctors under Medicare, and to censure a senior legislator following an ethics investigation. In the weeks remaining in the 111th Congress, we have an opportunity and obligation to complete meaningful work […]

Poll: Allen leads GOP Senate field, but trails Webb, Kaine in ’12 matchups

A new poll out today has former governor and U.S. senator George Allen well out in front of a potential 2012 Republican Senate nomination field, but also trailing in hypothetical matchups with Democratic Sen. Jim Webb and another former governor, Tim Kaine. Allen, who lost the seat that is up for re-election in 2012 to […]

The AFP on WREL: Nov. 5, 2010

AFP editor Chris Graham joins WREL’s “Online with Jim Bresnahan” for their weekly wrap on Virginia news. The focus this week is on the midterm elections. The segment kicks off with a breakdown of the upset in the Fifth District, where Republican Robert Hurt knocked off Democratic incumbent Tom Perriello. Chris also analyzes the upset […]

Down in defeat: Virginia Dems licking wounds after Election Day bloodletting

Tom Perriello was the underdog yet again, and yet again got caught up in a political wave. The only difference – this one forced him to swim against the current. “I think what really torpedoed his chances here was the D next to his name,” said Isaac Wood, the House race editor at the University […]

Movement toward Perriello in the Fifth?

A new SurveyUSA poll has Republican Robert Hurt ahead of Democrat Tom Perriello in the Fifth, but by a much smaller margin than previous SurveyUSA polling. The latest SurveyUSA poll has Hurt at 51 percent and Perriello at 43 percent. A September SurveyUSA poll had Hurt ahead by a 61 percent-35 percent margin. All other […]

Analyst: ‘Who will actually show up to vote?’

We’re nearing the final week of the 2010 midterm elections, and one of the marquee races on the national stage next Tuesday night is right here in our backyard. Democrat Tom Perriello is trailing in the polls to Republican challenger Robert Hurt, a state senator from Southside who has run in many ways the perfect […]

The AFP on WREL: Oct. 22, 2010

AFP editor Chris Graham joins WREL’s “Online with Jim Bresnahan” to talk Virginia news and politics. The segment begins with Chris providing an update on the latest news in congressional races in the Fifth, Sixth and Ninth. Republicans appear poised to hold onto the Sixth District seat and take back the seat in the Fifth […]

The AFP on WREL: Oct. 15, 2010

AFP editor Chris Graham joins WREL’s “Online with Jim Bresnahan” for their weekly discussion of Virginia politics. The segment begins with a look at the latest in the midterm congressional races in the Fifth and Sixth. Polls show the Tom Perriello-Robert Hurt race in the Fifth to be neck-and-neck. Sixth District Congressman Bob Goodlatte seems […]

Tom Perriello: Unfinished business

Last week, Congress adjourned for our fall district work period. I voted against adjourning because I believe we have far too much unfinished work, most notably enacting needed tax cuts for the middle class. In this brutal economy, it is crucial to ensure that hard-working families have a little extra money in their pockets at […]

Another SurveyUSA poll gives Hurt a big lead

Is it an outlier? Or is all the other polling showing the Robert Hurt-Tom Perriello race in the Fifth District to be tight wrong? Another SurveyUSA poll gives the Republican challenger Hurt a big lead over the Democratic incumbent Perriello. The 58 percent-35 percent lead in the most recent poll, released on Tuesday, is identical […]

Tom Perriello: Small-business growth key to jumpstarting the economy

After so many months of tough economic news, it has been encouraging in recent weeks to see good news about jobs in our communities and a new attitude in Washington. In recent weeks, Congress has passed important legislation to support American manufacturing jobs, including bills I co-sponsored to eliminate our trade deficit, create the first […]

Report: Perriello expects NRA endorsement

Fifth District incumbent Tom Perriello will receive the endorsement of the National Rifle Association next week, the Perriello campaign reported today in an e-mail to members of the news media. “Tom has strongly defended Second Amendment rights in Congress and will continue to be a voice for Virginia’s hunters and sportsmen. Tom hasn’t been afraid […]

Perriello pulls to virtual tie in Fifth

By appearance, anyway, Fifth District Congressman Tom Perriello has made up a huge gap in his race with Republican Robert Hurt. Two new polls out this month, including one released on Tuesday, have the race as a virtual dead heat. A Benenson Strategy Group poll commissioned by the Perriello campaign has Hurt, a state senator […]

Tom Perriello: Focus on small business

Small businesses remain the backbone of our economy, and true economic recovery will come from rewarding the innovation and resilience of our local entrepreneurs. I have been fighting to shift the focus from bailing out big companies to investing in small business, and the tide is starting to turn towards a strategy of making, building, […]

Tom Perriello: Job creation

Before I took office last year, I met with business leaders and economic developers in all 22 localities in the Fifth District. I knew that job creation and economic relief were the top priorities and wanted gather the best ideas from the community. In Central and Southern Virginia we know that our economic troubles predate […]

Tom Perriello: In the classroom

A well-educated workforce is critical for regaining America’s long-term competitive advantage. This includes not only the higher education that will be necessary for global competitiveness, but also the solid foundation of a strong K-12 education. I have often said that there are no shortcuts to regaining our competitive advantage, so at this moment, while we […]

Perriello-Hurt: Either a blowout or a close race

A new SurveyUSA poll has Republican Robert Hurt comfortably ahead of Democratic incumbent Tom Perriello in their race for the Fifth District seat in Congress, though the numbers are vastly different than those in another poll released recently by a Republican-leaning outfit. SurveyUSA has Hurt ahead of Perriello by a 61 percent-35 percent margin, ahead […]

WhenVirginiaWasBlue.com: Perriello-What are you thinking?

You have to wonder what Tom Perriello was hoping to accomplish. “I have a lot more respect for those that passionately disagree with me than those that just don’t care,” the Fifth District congressman said after his meeting with members of the Jefferson Area Tea Party on Thursday, where, no surprise, it was made clear […]

WhenVirginiaWasBlue.com: Tom Perriello-A level playing field

For far too long, policies in Washington have been written for, and sometimes by, well-financed corporate interests. The result is a playing field that is tilted in favor of special interests at the expense of consumers. I have worked in Congress to return power to the consumer where it belongs. As a consumer, you should […]

WhenVirginiaWasBlue.com: Perriello goes after Hurt on jobs

Republican nominee Robert Hurt has a hole in his jobs platform on free trade. “Robert Hurt is a typical politician who remains so out of touch with the experience of working families that he doesn’t even realize the devastating effects free-trade agreements have had on the Fifth District. Now he’s even pledging to continue supporting […]

WhenVirginiaWasBlue.com: Virginia Dems mum on NYC mosque

Democrats are falling over themselves to comment on the proposed Muslim community center in New York City two blocks from the former World Trade Center. Just not, to their credit, Virginia Democrats. Chris Graham reports on the WhenVirginiaWasBlue.com blog.

Tom Perriello: Social Security is a ‘promise’

Last week marked the 75th anniversary of Social Security. Social Security is a promise to American seniors – and those still working – that if they play by the rules and contribute to the system, they can retire with security and dignity. I am proud to have worked hard to extend the solvency of these […]

Tom Perriello: Level the playing field

As we fight through this deep recession, we must start manufacturing, building, and growing things in America again. For too long, elites in both parties have pursued policies that ship our jobs overseas and undermine the middle and working class. Manufacturing, construction, and agriculture cannot be treated as yesterday’s news but rather must be part […]

Who is DeFundIt.org?

A 21-year-old named Alex Cortes has inserted himself into the thick of the Fifth District congressional race, with his advocacy group DeFundIt.org targeting Democratic incumbent Tom Perriello for his vote in favor of the health-care reform. A Google search of the name produces as the top item a link to a column about an op-ed […]

Tom Perriello: Focus on job creation

My top priority as your representative has been finding ways to encourage job growth and economic recovery in Central and Southern Virginia. We have made smart, strategic investments in infrastructure and workforce that position our area to be leaders in alternative energy production, advanced manufacturing, and other industries of tomorrow. But while we are working […]

Hurt pledges to defund health-care reform: Good politics, but is it good policy?

Robert Hurt’s move to sign the DeFundIt.org pledge to pull funding from the health-care reform measure passed by Congress and signed into law by President Obama in March is good politics. It’s probably also bad policy, but you could say that policy is the province of those who are good at politics first. “By signing […]

Poll: Hurt has big early lead over Perriello

Republicans need the Fifth District to take back control of Congress. The Fifth appears to be the GOP’s for the taking, according to a Survey USA poll released on Tuesday. The poll has Republican challenger Robert Hurt leading Democratic incumbent Tom Perriello by a 58 percent-to-35 percent margin. Independent Jeffrey Clark polls 4 percent. Hurt, […]

Tom Perriello: A sense of economic urgency

Column by Tom Perriello www.perriello.house.gov For 18 months, I have been fighting for Congress to pass simple legislation to support American manufacturing and construction. Washington seems to lack the urgency that I sense back home on Main Street. One of the common-sense solutions I have pushed for is the Rural Energy Savings Program Act, a […]

What does early Perriello money lead mean for November?

You look at the money race in the Fifth District, and it’s no race at all, really. Democrat Tom Perriello has $1.7 million in cash on hand while his Republican opponent, Robert Hurt, has $212,000, according to reports filed by the respective campaigns with the Federal Election Commission. Those numbers are bound to change between […]

Perriello: Yes to three-way debate

Edited by Chris Graham freepress2@ntelos.net   The Tom Perriello congressional campaign said Wednesday that it has agreed to a televised debate to which all three candidates on the ballot – including Republican Robert Hurt and independent Jeffrey Clark – have been invited. The debate, produced by WDBJ7 in Roanoke, will allow Fifth District voters the […]

Tom Perriello: Getting America moving forward

Column by Tom Perriello www.house.gov/perriello   During last week’s Congressional District work week, I spent time in all 22 localities of the district to hear the needs and concerns of constituents and report back on progress made on jobs and economic relief. In addition to numerous individual meetings, I made stops on 14 Main Streets […]

Perriello passes $2M mark in fundraising in ’10 cycle

Edited by Chris Graham freepress2@ntelos.net   The Tom Perriello campaign raised more than $660,000 in the second quarter of 2010, bringing its total to date in the 2009-2010 election cycle to $2.3 million. The numbers released today by the campaign of the Fifth District Democrat also included a line item for $1.7 million in cash […]

Perriello bucks party on budget resolution

Edited by Chris Graham freepress2@ntelos.net   Fifth District Congressman Tom Perriello voted Thursday night against the Democrats’ Budget Enforcement Resolution (H.Res. 1500), which would set a $1.12 trillion limit on discretionary spending for one year. Perriello argued that a full, balanced budget resolution is needed to tackle the nation’s deficit woes in his reasoning for […]

Perriello blasts Senate on unemployment benefits

Edited by Chris Graham freepress2@ntelos.net   Fifth District Congressman Tom Perriello today released a statement blasting the U.S. Senate for playing politics with unemployment benefits and Medicare payments to doctors. “The elites in the Senate may have forgotten what it’s like on Main Street for families still struggling in this recession,” Perriello said in the […]

Perriello: Don’t tread on the NRA

Edited by Chris Graham freepress2@ntelos.net Adding his voice to the chorus backing the NRA on a controversial exemption to campaign-finance reform legislation today was Fifth District Democratic Congressman Tom Perriello. “The DISCLOSE Act is about taking control of our politics away from corporate front groups and handing it back to the people. The NRA, with […]

Perriello to host Vilsack on telephone town hall

Edited by Chris Graham freepress2@ntelos.net   Fifth District Congressman Tom Perriello will hold a telephone town hall meeting with U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack on Thursday, June 17, from 6:50 p.m. -7:50 p.m. to address issues of importance to rural communities. To join the call, participants can dial toll-free 877.229.8493 and enter access code […]

Chris Graham: Looking ahead to the fall in the Fifth

Column by Chris Graham freepress2@ntelos.net   The good news on the surface for Fifth District Republicans – somebody won the seven-candidate GOP primary in resounding fashion. The bad news – the winner was the moderate, State Sen. Robert Hurt, and his win, though resounding in one sense, didn’t get him to 50 percent of the […]

Tom Perriello: It’s the economy

Column by Tom Perriello www.house.gov/perriello   During last week’s congressional district work period, I spent time talking with business owners, workers, job seekers, and others about what we can do to turn our economy around. I cherish my time here because I never want to lose touch with the challenges and needs of the families […]

Tom Perriello: Government accountability

Column by Tom Perriello www.house.gov/perriello   When I came to Congress last year, I promised to fight for economic relief for my constituents, but also to change the way business is done in Washington. For far too long, both parties have answered to the special interests instead of to the people. Sometimes it can seem […]

Tom Perriello: Reducing the burden

Column by Tom Perriello www.house.gov/perriello   One of my top priorities in Congress has been reducing financial burden on middle- and working-class families during these tough economic times. Last week, USA TODAY reported that Americans paid their lowest level of taxes in 2009 since Harry Truman’s presidency. The news story reported: “Federal, state and local […]

Tom Perriello: Job growth

Column by Tom Perriello www.perriello.house.gov   Last week, we received some encouraging news as the Department of Labor announced that the economy added 290,000 jobs in the month of April – 231,000 of them in the private sector. This is the largest number of new jobs in four years and the fourth consecutive month of […]

Tom Perriello: Transparency

Column by Tom Perriello www.house.gov/perriello   I am committed to increased accountability and transparency in government, and pleased to report that we took two important steps forward in this direction last week in Congress.

Perriello votes against pay raise

Edited by Chris Graham freepress2@ntelos.net   Fifth District Congressman Tom Perriello today voted to block the automatic pay raise for federal lawmakers for the 2011 fiscal year.

Perriello rakes in the money

Edited by Chris Graham freepress2@ntelos.net   The Tom Perriello campaign announced over the weekend that it raised over $600,000 in the first fundraising quarter of 2010 – the vast majority of it from small donors – marking their most successful fundraising quarter ever.

McKelvey files as Republican in Fifth

Edited by Chris Graham freepress2@ntelos.net   Jim McKelvey announced on Thursday that he will run for the Fifth District Republican Party congressional nomination – after flirting with the idea of running as an independent.

Verga launches America Works tour

Edited by Chris Graham freepress2@ntelos.net   Standing with the owners of several businesses in the Fifth District, Laurence Verga kicked off his campaign’s America Works Tour. “America Works for its citizens when they have ample opportunities for employment. America Works for its citizens when they can pursue their dreams freely. And America Works for its […]

Tom Perriello: Truth about health reform’s impact on vets

Column by Tom Perriello www.house.gov/perriello   One of my greatest privileges in Congress is serving on the House Veterans Affairs Committee and its Health Subcommittee, where I am committed to ensuring quality health coverage for those who have served our country. With rumors and misunderstandings continuing to spread about health insurance reform, I want to […]

Ad campaign thanks Perriello for vote on health care

Edited by Chris Graham freepress2@ntelos.net   An ad and robocall campaign is being launched by Catholics United to thank Fifth District Congressman Tom Perriello for his yes vote on health-care reform. “By his vote for health care reform, Congressman Perriello has shown that he is fighting for the interests of working Americans, not the interests […]