stephen a smith for some reason seems to want to die on the saudi blood money hill

Stephen A. Smith, for some reason, seems to want to die on the Saudi blood money hill

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Stephen A. Smith, always needlessly disgusted about something unimportant, is needlessly disgusted today that Tiger Woods is trying to rally the PGA Tour to fight off the blood money-soaked LIV Golf Series.

“I’m disgusted by it,” Smith said on his ESPN show, “First Take,” which for some reason some people watch, and not just because they think it’s funny to see a little man work himself up over sports.

The Saudis, he said he learned, in his words, “I just googled it,” are the number two trade partner of the U.S. government.

“If I’m wrong, I apologize, it was online,” said Smith, who, nominally, was once a paid newspaper reporter, which is hard to figure now.

Just for the record, I “googled it,” too, and Saudi Arabia is the 27th biggest trade partner of the United States – I’m not sure what he meant about being a trade partner of the U.S. government.

Also per Google, the U.S. is the second biggest trade partner for the Saudis, which might be what Smith was getting at, just that he had it backwards.

The U.S. has a lot more and bigger trade partners than the Saudis. They basically have Chine (their besties) and us.


He was wrong. Don’t expect him to apologize. He’ll just go back to Google.

You might have guessed where he was going with the trade partner stuff that he was googling.

“I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say U.S. corporations doing big business with Saudi Arabia, and suddenly individuals are looking to get paid, and everybody is in an uproar?”

Well, yeah, Stephen A.

It’s blood money.

He listed more of his quick Google research.

“General Electric, AT&T, Bank of America, Halliburton Company, Pfizer International. A whole bunch of people. If I’m wrong, I apologize, it was online. Talk about these major corporations doing business. I don’t know. I just said it was online, so I don’t know.”

Again, this guy was once a newspaper reporter, before Google.

“I thought this was America. I thought we were a capitalistic society,” Smith said, and yes, he went there, making the Saudi royal family into hard-working, smart capitalists, and not theocrats who amassed their fabulous riches through confiscation.


Of course, there was more verbal diarrhea from this overheated idiot.

“I am a proud American citizen, and I do believe in the American system when it talks about capitalism, when it talks about meritocracy and handling your business and handling your own, and may the best man and woman win. So, if you better than LIV, be better!”

They used their ill-gotten wealth to finance the 9/11 attacks, which thankfully only took down the Twin Towers, and failed to decapitate the seat of U.S. government.

By Stephen A.’s standards, if they had been successful at getting the third and fourth airplanes to take out the Pentagon and the White House, well, “may the best man and best woman win,” right?

How much Saudi blood money is lining your pockets, Stephen A.?

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