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Egress windows: Discuss 5 benefits

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In homes and commercial buildings, the importance of egress windows is becoming increasingly clear. In homes, the increased use of basements is putting the occupants at risk for basement leaks, and the basement becomes a more attractive space for water infiltration. In commercial buildings, the repeated failures of basement waterproofing methods are placing businesses in danger of water damage, and in some cases, the loss of business is a direct result of water entry into the building.

The consequences of both of these situations are serious concerns for both businesses and homeowners, and many professionals have begun to recommend the installation of new, high-quality basement egress windows. The following article is designed to discuss the benefits of installing these windows on your building, as well as why they can be such an important upgrade for your home or commercial property.

1.   Increased efficiency

The primary reason that basement window installation is necessary is the increased efficiency that a thicker, reinforced window provides. By blocking direct light through the pane, it makes the interior of the house hotter, but it also allows airflow to circulate as well. This airflow keeps the home cooler and reduces energy costs by lowering the cooling energy demand per square foot.

In basements, this airflow is especially important because the lack of natural light makes the home much less efficient for heating purposes. Installing new windows will allow natural light to shine through, keeping the house warmer for longer during the summer and cooler for longer during the winter months.

2.   Reduction in draftiness

The secondary reason for basement window installation is the reduction in draftiness that can occur when basements are poorly insulated. Basement windows help prevent this by providing additional insulation, which can increase energy efficiency by as much as 40% during certain seasons.

New thicker reinforced windows also help prevent sound infiltration, improving the sound insulation quality of the building. Because egress windows provide natural light, they provide a safer exit for anyone trying to escape a house. If an attempted burglary occurs, the window provides a barrier between escaping guests and the house.

3.   Different options

There are two different options for installing new windows. Windows that are certified as compliance-ready are considered the most cost-effective and safest way to install new egress windows. However, compliance-ready windows are not the only eligible option, and many homeowners prefer a combination of both. It is possible to install both approved and non-approved windows, to create a balanced combination of security and aesthetics. To find the best-qualified installer for your project, call around to several local contractors and ask about the best options for your particular situation.

Regardless, of whether you opt for compliance-ready or a combination, proper installation is essential. It can be difficult to install new windows if they are not installed properly. If a mistake is made while installing the windows, it can result in damage or even structural failure.

4.   Save money

While there are numerous benefits to installing new egress windows, another benefit is the ability to save money. Windows that can be installed with ease have the potential to save over thirty percent on energy costs. Energy costs account for nearly three-fourths of overall homeowners’ expenses, and these savings can be realized quickly by investing in new window installation services.

5.   Organized and clean finished basement

The final benefit is the appearance of an organized and clean finished basement. In addition to the previously discussed benefits of newer windows, cleanliness and appearance play a role in improving overall basement functionality and appeal. Properly installed, sash windows in basements offer a professional and stylish finishing touch to any building. Installation services offer experienced professionals who understand the importance of egress windows and the benefits that come with their installation.

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