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10 reasons why many people prefer Amish-made furniture

amish-made furniture
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Thousands of people from different parts of the world treasure Amish-made furniture because of its reliability, beauty, and long-lasting functionality. Most homeowners invest in it because it serves as an heirloom piece that can last for generations. It carries a simple yet elegant look.

Amish furniture carries several benefits that you can rarely see in mass-produced pieces. These benefits serve as viable reasons why you can see a lot of people favoring the furniture pieces made by the Amish community over the rest. Ten of these reasons are:

#1 – Allows customization

What is great about both conventional and contemporary furniture from the Amish community is that they are customizable. Note that searching for furniture items that match your space and style exactly can be quite challenging. This somewhat challenging scenario can be made easier by deciding to invest in handcrafted pieces from Amish furniture providers.

It allows you to pick your desired wood, stain, and size. Some manufacturers can even supply you with more than a hundred stain and wood possibilities. This can help you find the right combination that surely reflects your preferences and style.

#2 – Provides access to unique hardwood pieces

Aside from being customizable, handcrafted Amish furniture is also famous for its uniqueness. Each piece is handcrafted by the manufacturer and carries its unique embellishments – something you can’t see in other furniture pieces. It allows you to get a hold of unique furniture made of hardwood that allows you to express yourself through your furnishing. By going the Amish route, you will own pieces that are unlike others, allowing you to express your unique tastes at home.

#3 – Strong and sturdy hardwood construction

Whether you invest in Amish dining tables, chairs, sofas, or any other piece of furniture, you have the assurance of their durability and ability to last long. It is because each piece is built from solid hardwood known for its strength and sturdiness. It is so long-lasting and durable that the investment will serve as an heirloom capable of lasting for generations.

Most manufacturers make it a point to hand-select from a wide range of wood species, like walnut, maple, oak, hickory, and cherry to guarantee the best quality. Some even go as far as integrating their unique drying process, which involves thoroughly checking each wood for moisture. This is a big help in preventing cracks and splits that often affect important pieces.

#4 – Eco-friendly

A lot of people are also in favor of Amish furniture because of its eco-friendly nature, making it a truly sound investment. It is eco-friendly since each piece is not manufactured in factories that cause pollution. In other words, it is manufactured in a way that it has low to zero effect on the environment. Your furniture is also constructed using real wood, bringing out its natural beauty without using extensive modern methods that might harm the environment.

When it comes to varnish, you also have the assurance that the Amish furniture only has low levels of VOCs. This makes it healthier for the environment and your home. It uses eco-friendly varnish, which can retain the look and quality of your furniture without using dangerous air pollutants.

#5 – Versatile

Another reason behind the popularity of Amish furniture is its versatility. It showcases its versatility through its classic design elements that suit a wide range of design themes and colors. It is useful in updating the look of your space by making some changes in the other elements in the entire design because you know that most pieces fit perfectly.

Because the furniture is versatile, it is also easy to find a piece that specifically matches your preferences. It is easy to spot one that is compatible with the style you prefer whether you want clean and sleek, formal, contemporary, or rustic.

#6 – Can be altered

It is also great to choose Amish furniture over the others because of the fact that it is long-lasting and durable makes it possible for it to be altered in the long run. Among the things that you can do for it are staining, painting, and sanding it. You can also choose to make some changes on its corners and edges and refinish it completely.

This provides an opportunity to transform an old piece of wood into a completely new piece of furniture. Apart from allowing alterations, you can also recycle it or choose to make it a vital component of a new structure.

#7 – Superior construction

The quality of the overall construction of Amish furniture is also superior. When investing in a piece, you know that what you will be bringing home is a handcrafted piece made of the best materials and underwent a thorough manufacturing process starting from their assembly.

The good thing about the Amish is that they never tend to take shortcuts. They are famous for focusing on even the simplest details. Every part of the furniture, including its mortise and tenon joints, is well-thought of. Each one also follows proven construction methods that guarantee long-lasting strength and durability.

#8 – Reasonable price

Contrary to what some people believe, Amish furniture items are not that expensive. Even if each piece exceeds expectations in terms of quality, its cost still does not exceed the mass-produced ones in most cases. One reason behind its reasonable prices is that the Amish community has lower taxes compared to average Americans. The savings they enjoy from low taxes are then passed on through their business.

#9 – Guarantees ease of cleaning and maintenance

Amish furniture also makes a reasonable investment because of the ease and convenience involved when it comes to cleaning and maintaining it. As a matter of fact, retaining the nice look of your furnishings is only a matter of using a wood cleaner to wipe them down regularly. The only threats to preserving the condition of solid wood are dust and moisture but you also have a guarantee that keeping the material dry and removing the dust from it is easy to do.

#10 – Allows you to offer support to genuine craftsmanship

Furnishing your home with custom-made Amish furniture pieces is also a great way to offer support to local products and craftsmanship. These items are constructed by skilled Amish manufacturers and builders using skills and techniques not practiced widely.

By offering your support to these skillful builders, you can help preserve the tradition and culture of crafting fine pieces of hardwood furniture. Amish craftsmen also make it a point to use materials from sustainable sources, lessening environmental impact. This makes your support to them even more important since this can also contribute to saving the environment.


There are numerous reasons why investing in Amish furniture is a wise decision. It can furnish your home’s interiors based on what you truly want. It also makes for a reasonable investment as far as quality is concerned. The good news is that the price for each piece is not that high. Furthermore, it lets you invest in a piece that can last for several years, thereby maximizing your use of it.

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