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Top 10 Monday Night RAW moments in WWE history

WWE RAW also known as the Monday Night Raw or simply Raw, is a flagship professional wrestling television program under the WWE company. RAW currently airs live on Monday evenings at 8 pm ET on the USA Network. Ever since its debut on January 11, 1993, RAW has been producing many memorable moments for the fans. Let us have a look at the Top 10 Monday Night Raw Moments from our WWE archive.

#10. The Kid Beats Razor Ramon

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Before becoming degenerate X-Pac, Sean Waltman was just “The Kid”. He went up against Razor Ramon. Who on earth would have imagined such a WWE Raw result? It was a cakewalk for Razor Ramon for most of the match. But as Razor went for a turnbuckle smash, he hit his head on the post. What happened next was that The Kid capitalized by going to the top rope and doing a perfect moonsault manoeuvre on a dazed Ramon dropping him down for the 1-2-3!

#9. When Hell Froze Over

After the end of the war between WCW and WWE, a few WCW contracts were taken over by the WWE. But no WWE fan would have ever thought that they would see Eric Bischoff on WWE some day. You might attribute this assumption to the fact that Vince and Bischoff hated each other. But when it was time to reveal a new Raw GM, Vince McMahon announced Eric Bischoff’s name. Well, that said it all, it settled the war and established the winner once and for all.

#8. When McMahon Was Bedpanned

What a memorable episode of Monday Night RAW it was… ANd to say frankly if it was anyone other than Mankind, the entire gimmick would have made its way into another list of WWE Raw moments, and definitely no this one. But the way the sweet sound of the p*ss-pot connecting with Vince McMahon’s head rang in everyone’s ears, it had a certain sense of evil satisfaction in it. As a matter of fact that sweet sound has a symphonic quality even today.

#7. The Birth of Nexus

Wade Barrett’s NXT army destroying Raw was a big fat failure of a gimmick. Only the main event match between John Cena Vs CM Punk was anything if at all which the fans were even remotely excited about. But what made that night actually memorable was beyond anyone’s imagination. Cena and Punk were both charged down by the yet-to-be-named Nexus.

WWE NXT had always only been a giant joke, but then the birth of nexus finally ensured that the laughter stopped.

#6. Sheamus Beat John Cena

WWE Raw Results are often unbelievable. But no one could have imagined such a result to a WWE match. It was TLC 2009, and Sheamus was only a couple of months old at RAW. But on that night, even he couldn’t have expected that he would win his WWE Championship. But that’s not all, he took the Championship out of Cena’s hands. You may call it dubious, but a newcomer defeated The John Cena for the WWE Champion in his second ever pay-per-view match.

#5. Mark Henry Retires

Perhaps one of the most emotional moments of WWE Monday night RAW was Mark Henry’s retirement ‘Scam’ if I may call it. Everything about the entire event was convincing, the social media tease earlier in the day, Mark’s heartfelt performance, the salmon suit jacket, everything convinced the audience as well as the then WWE Champion John Cena, into believing that it was the iconic farewell of the ‘The World’s Strongest Man’. But then out of nowhere, Mark unleashed one last burst of fury on John.

#4. Shelton Benjamin Pins Triple H

This was one of the most shocking WWE RAW results in a long time. It was back in March 2004. It was the beginning of a new era at the WWE as we saw several talented wrestlers being drafted into the RAW roster. Shelton Benjamin was one of them. But the welcome which Shelton received was not that welcoming. Benjamin was jumped by Triple H in the backstage. But the kind of courage that Shelton showed was unbelievable. He actually challenged a match in the main event against The Game. But as much as the heart wants to support the underdog, I don’t think that there was even a single person in the audience willing to bet against Triple H.

However, the match that followed turned out to be completely unexpected and highly entertaining. We saw a couple of occasions with both men nearly pinning the other. And as we see in most of Triple H matches, he had Ric Flair in his corner to distract his opponent. But  Chris Benoit would come out to even the playing field. And after some serious spectacular wrestling, we saw the two ‘ ‘corner-men’ Flair and Benoit, get into an argument themselves. This caught Triple H’s attention and was an opportunity enough for Shelton to capitalize. A corner splash and roll was enough for Shelton to win.

#3. Seth Ends The Shield

The Shield was on its way of breaking up and what turned out to hammer a nail into the wall was when Seth Rollins decided to demolish his own creation, and that too in a heartbreaking fashion. What made it unexpected was that it came the night following their destruction of Triple H’s Evolution reboot one.

#2. The Game’s Enunciation

Triple H enunciation about the…ahem… with Stephanie McMahon marked the unofficial start of a real-life relationship that followed. Initially appearing to be drugged before she admitted to her will to side with her father’s arch-rival, Stephanie McMahon was puppeted by Triple H right through a Las Vegas drive-through. ‘The Game’ then concluded the torrid affair with a legendarily grizzled enunciation about their grisly consummation.

#1. The Ultimate Face-Off

Yes, you guessed it right. I am talking about the face-off between “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and Mike Tyson. It took place on Jan 19, 1998, when the ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson was on RAW. But as one would have expected “The Rattlesnake” decided to rain his parade. What followed was an exchange of words between Stone Cold and Mike Tyson, some gestures, and a notable middle finger from Stone Cold and it all ended with Vince McMahon screaming “ You ruined it! You ruined it all!”

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