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The top 5 methods of contacting customers

Do you want to get in touch with your customer base, but you’re not sure where to start? You’re in luck! We’ve put together this great list of the top five methods of contacting customers, so you can stay up to date with the latest trends in communication and customer service. Keep reading to learn more about contacting customers in our ever-changing digital world.

  1. Email

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Email remains one of the top ways to stay in contact with customers. From promotional emails to support and Q&A, emails are a simple way to ensure you’re always connected with your customer base. Almost everyone has an email address (or two), so it’s vital to your business that you’re communicating with customers via this widespread platform.

Emails have lost none of their steam since their debut, even with the introduction of social media. Every online account requires an email for signup, (unless you signup with your Facebook account, which is still linked to an email address) and you’ll rarely encounter a business that doesn’t ask for an email address from its customers.

A good email always has a subject line. Without one, your email is more likely to be overlooked and even trashed (whoops!) due to an unclear message. Often times, emails with no subject are spam emails, and thus customers will do their best to avoid them.

Include an enticing subject in your email to encourage customers to always open them. You don’t want to end up like the hundreds of other businesses they’ve signed up with that were moved to the spam or trash folder. Send emails with promotions on items they actually purchase and keep any relevant business information short and sweet.

  1. Social Media

Almost every business has at the very least a Facebook account. Social media has become a bustling platform for businesses to promote their services, market to specific customers, and interact with their patrons on a daily basis.

Many Facebook pages have a place where users can submit reviews which are available for the public to see. Many companies don’t address negative reviews at all, which can be incredibly harmful to your business. If your customer leaves you a negative review, it’s important to at least address it on the page and offer a solution.

Though the customer may not take your offer, you’re at least showing other potential or current customers that you made an effort to address the issue. This shows not only that you care about your customer service reputation, but that you take complaints very seriously and work hard to ensure your customers’ satisfaction.

If your business doesn’t have a social media account of any kind, you’re missing on out a free platform from which you can connect to millions of people worldwide. There’s no better way to access that many people at once, all of which could be potential customers!

  1. By Phone

Whether you’re operating a toll free service (what is a toll free number?) or simply a landline for your business, telephones are still one of the best ways for your customers to contact your and vice versa. With toll free services, you’re providing a free platform for your customers to get in touch with the business, letting them know that you value their business enough to actually cover the cost of contacting you by phone.

While phones have evolved quite a lot over the last few decades, they still serve the same purpose: to provide seamless communication over long distances. Having at the very least a dedicated phone line for your business will ensure that customers can easily reach you with questions, concerns, or comments.

  1. By Text

Many businesses have texting services; especially those in the foodservice industry. Text services make it simple for your business to keep its customers updated on changes with your business or products, or, in the case of the foodservice industry, the status of their food delivery.

Texting is one of the most widely-used forms of communication in our modern era, so providing some form of text service to your customers all but ensures they’ll see your message. How many people do you know that own a smartphone that are always texting?

Texting helps to bridge the gap between customer and vendor, making the relationship just a little more personal than it would otherwise be. Keep your customers up to date with promotions, deals, and changes to the business by opting for text services.

  1. By Mail

Mailed promotions and brochures haven’t died yet! In fact, many businesses still send coupons through the mail. This allows for a physical flyer that your customers will need to bring into the store to redeem, allowing for a visit to your business and (hopefully) further purchases in addition to the promotional items.

Never underestimate the power of a well-designed flyer to send a message. If you’ve got a big sale coming up, sending an eye-catching flyer through the mail can help customers remember the date and ensure they’ll be there to take advantage of the deals you’ve provided.


Contacting customers is easy in today’s world. With so many great options, you’ll always be in touch with your patrons, gathering feedback and keeping them up to date with promotions and business events. Whether you choose the mail, social media, email, telephone, or text, staying in touch with your customers ensures you’re providing great customer service at all times.

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