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The most popular sports betting markets at Betfred

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The United Kingdom is one of the countries where sports betting fans can find several online platforms where they can punt on different sports. Some of them look the same, but upon closer look, players can find a lot of differences, especially when it comes down to the available markets.

One of the brands that are notorious for offering people more than enough options to choose from is Betfred. This licensed gambling site is a well-known destination for football fans, but this doesn’t mean there aren’t many other sports to choose from. Before you take a look at what’s available, here is a quick look at the betting markets you can pick from.

Match result

The first market that Betfred’s customers will have access to is known as Match Result. This is an option that can be found while browsing other types of iGaming operators, but it usually has different names, such as 1×2. After Nostrabet revealed that Betfred offers a wide variety of sports markets, it turned out that Match Result is one of the available options. Whether you want to wager on football or another sport, this market will give you the chance to punt on the potential winner.

Since this is the go-to betting market for most sports bettors, Betfred usually offers good odds. However, other options on this list may provide you with even better odds, especially for some sports.

Total goals

The second option that is accessible to Betfred’s customers is called Total Goals. Naturally, this is a market that can be accessed by people who punt on football. Yet, you may have the chance to put it to the test while wagering on other types of ball sports.

One of the important things to remember about Total Goals is that this market has several versions, depending on the betting platforms. In this case, Betfred has chosen to use the Over/Under format. This means that you can bet on whether there will be over or under a specific number of goals.

Double chance

Although some people prefer to use the Match Result market, inexperienced sports bettors usually go for Double Chance because it is the more attractive alternative of the two. After checking Nostrabet’s Betfred review, it turns out this market is available to people who wager on most sports, such as football. What makes this market special is that you will win your bet if one of the team/players you’ve wagered on wins the game or finishes in a draw.

Although you have a higher chance of winning, this comes at a price because the odds are significantly lower than usual.

Correct score

Another classic market that is available to all Betfred clients is called Correct Score. It is by far the most difficult option to predict out of the ones pointed out in this article. This makes it attractive for experienced punters because the odds are way higher than usual.

Correct Score is a market that people should bet on only if they follow a given team/player’s results. Besides wagering on goals, Betfred may provide you access to this market if you decide to punt on a sport with points.

Story by Jake Williams

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