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Slot beginner’s guide: Here are the answers to your biggest slot questions

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Slots have been around for many years. Yet, players still have unanswered questions. Like what’s behind the machine randomizing the symbols?

You’re here because you have lots of slots-related questions, right? Well, lucky you, we have a bundle of slots-related gist to dish out.

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Answers to some pressing slots-based questions

How does the slot machine work? Is there an engine behind the reels randomizing the symbol combos?

Not exactly.

Slot machines have chips called a random number generator (RNG). This chip is constantly doing mathematical calculations in the background to determine the symbol combinations on the screen when someone pushes the spin button.

Logically, one would think it is when they press the spin button that the machine swings into action. But that’s not the case. When you push a button, you’re simply telling the chip to stop its internal mathematical calculations temporarily and show you the symbol combinations it has generated in that exact moment.

But what about the spinning we see on the reels after pushing the button. Doesn’t that count for anything?

Well, technically, it doesn’t. Let’s just say it’s beautiful to watch the reels spin a zillion times before displaying a result.

How do slot machines arrive at their RTPs (Return to Player Percentages)?

As you know, a slot machine’s RTP can vary from 85% to about 98%. Technically, this number is determined by the kind of chip placed in the machine at installation.

When a casino buys a machine, they tell the manufacturer the kind of chip they want to be installed inside. This computer chip controls the payout percentage (RTP) of that machine.

Is it true that slots are purely luck-based?

Unfortunately, yes, it’s true. Luck is the only power in play at a slot machine. Don’t listen to anyone who tells you otherwise.

As I’ve explained earlier, the machine is completely controlled by a pre-set computer algorithm. There’s no effort or trick you put into this that can change what the computer is already designed to do.

Think about it, what can you do to make an ATM dispense more than the amount you have in your bank account? There’s absolutely nothing.

How does the machine know when to payout? Is it after many players have lost?

The machine doesn’t know or have any predetermined point to payout. It simply randomizes events and displays results. There could be a streak of losses, and there could be a streak of wins. There’s really no predetermined formula.

What does RTP really mean? Does it mean if I put $100 in a machine rated 97%, I’ll get 97% profits?


RTP is the percentage of payouts to all players over a large number of spins. If a reel is rated 97%, it means the machine will return $97 to players for every $100 it receives.

You might be tempted to think if you put $100 in the machine, you will get $97 profits right away. But that’s not how slots work. You might put in $100 and still not win anything. And then someone else comes and plays $100 and wins $194. In a nutshell, the machine has returned 97% of the total money it received back to a player; it wasn’t just you.

If many players lose consecutively on a machine, does that mean a winning spin is around the corner?

Unfortunately, No.

Every spin is an independent activity. One loss is not a determiner of the next outcome. Even if 10 players lose in a roll, that’s no guarantee the 11th player will win.

If a player wins a jackpot, will that affect subsequent players?

Again, every spin is an independent activity. Whether someone wins a jackpot or not, it wouldn’t affect subsequent players. In fact, someone might win a jackpot right now, and then the next couple of players that follow them will also win their spins.

Story by Ajayi Austin

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