poor pat sajak picked on because he smiled wide beside a wacko conspiracy theorist

Poor Pat Sajak: Picked on because he smiled wide beside a wacko conspiracy theorist

Progressives are canceling Pat Sajak after photos surfaced on social media over the weekend of the “Wheel of Fortune” host posing with Marjorie Taylor Greene at a party, and conservatives are beside themselves over why.

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The general thrust from the right – that Sajak has been out as a Republican for decades – misses the point here.

It’s not about Pat Sajak being a Republican; it’s about him being chummy with the congresswoman from QAnon.

MTG, before running for Congress, supported calls to execute prominent Democratic politicians, including Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

She trafficks nonsense conspiracy theories about top Democrats being members of a Satanic pedophile ring, that the 2017 Las Vegas mass shooting was orchestrated by the government, that the Parkland and Sandy Hook school shootings were staged, that the Sept. 11 attack on the Pentagon was fake, that California wildfires are caused by “solar space generators, that Zionists are aiming to replace white people with immigrants.

Some are inclined to dismiss ol’ Marge and people who dabble in this venom as being “crazy,” but they’re not “crazy” – they’re clear and present dangers.

The defense of Sajak for posing for a photo with Greene being that he’s been out as a Republican for decades would have you believe that it’s part and parcel to being Republican that you believe Democrats are Satanic pedophiles who hire crisis actors to stage fake mass shootings and aim space lasers at trees to set them on fire as part of a plot to kill white people.

Actually, that may be what they’re saying here.

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