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Pelosi, Bloomberg: Going low, because, somebody needs to

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On the one hand, you’ve got Nancy Pelosi, ripping apart her copy of President Trump’s State of the Union address.

On the other, the advice of Michelle Obama: “When they go low, we go high.”

With all due respect to the former First Lady, there is no such thing as moral high ground in American politics.

Trump is crass, vile, vulgar, and his supporters lap it up, and revel in his critics calling out their hypocrisy, because they give not a bowel movement about what Trump critics think.

Or, so they’d all have you believe.

Look at Trump himself. One observer noted that POTUS tweeted and retweeted four times as much content this morning about Pelosi’s post-SOTU act than he had about any of the substance of his speech, suggesting that she’d really, really, really gotten under his skin.

Same as Mike Bloomberg is living rent-free in Trump’s dome for, among other things, answering an interviewer asking him about American politics being reduced in the moment to two billionaires tweeting insults at each other: “Who’s the other billionaire?”

These have set the conservative twitterverse ablaze, but you know what else this is doing?

It’s getting Democrats into the game.

For three years, Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell have done everything they can do to render the U.S. into a banana republic – packing the judiciary, gutting the executive branch, turning the DOJ into an arm of the Trump Organization’s security detail.

The “go high” approach offered as the appropriate response to all of this a collective shrug of the shoulders, furrowing of the brows, some tsk-tsking.

You want to know why your average Democrat hasn’t been energized? Because it seems that the people at the top had flat given up.

News flash: 2020 isn’t going to go the right way for the future of democracy without a fight.

Trump is being given a free pass for using congressionally-appropriated taxpayer dollars to bludgeon an ally into giving him dirt on a political opponent in the most brazen abuse of presidential power in the history of our nation.

He will do a lot more between now and November, and you can bet that what he did with Ukraine is going to be “Sesame Street” compared to what is to come.

And you know damn well when he loses at the ballot box in November that he’s not going to willingly transfer power.

November is the first fight; Jan. 20, 2021 is the next one.

Bloomberg taunting him, Pelosi mocking his SOTU, yeah, in the end, they’re just symbolic acts.

Somebody has to stand nose-to-nose with these folks who have us thisclose to trading in republic for cult of moronic personality.

Story by Chris Graham

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