Nintendo emulators and ROMs: Basic information

Today, if you want to play some favourite old-school Nintendo games, Nintendo emulator is the easiest way to play retro games on any modern device, including smartphone. If you have no idea how an emulator works, and whether it really substitutes the console, you should really try this software out.


Basically, the emulators are software that allows modern device to accept and launch programs that have been originally intended for a different type of software and hardware. Game emulators for popular old-school console games from 90’s and 2000’s are actually the most widespread type of emulators. One of such systems is Nintendo. To get a NES, or Nintendo emulation software, on your modern device, you have to download it from the Internet. Today, there are a lot of specialized websites that offer a great number of emulators and ROMs, free of charge, for downloading. For example, you can get a Nintendo emulator with a full pack of games for it. The best approach is, obviously, to pick the software that is compatible with the OS system running on your device. This will ensure that both the program and the games will function the best way possible. After you have found a reliable website, pick the emulator that supports games you are likely to try out, and then download ROMs for these games separately.

Installation of the Emulator and ROMs: Flawless

As we have already mentioned above, it is recommended to pick Nintendo emulator download files according to your computer’s operating system and parameters. This information is always mentioned on the websites, which provide Nintendo files. Pay attention what other users say. If all emulators are potentially compatible with your OS, you can try choosing by rating. If your system and software on device is too old, some files downloaded may work slower or lag. On the other hand, if you have a brand new and powerful device, these lower level emulators will not run properly either. If you want your Nintendo games run smoothly on your PC or laptop, you always have to pick those files which are created to work together. When it comes to ROMs, you also have to match them to the emulator you download.

nintendo emulator

After you’ve got both the emulator and the Nintendo ROMs download to your device, you can launch the installation which won’t take much time either. First of all, create a separate folder so that you could reach all the files connected to the emulator without seeking in all possible folders all over your device. The installation process may take a couple of minutes only. To allow the processes, click “Next”. Afterwards, activate the emulator. The game will be turn on in a small window. You can customize this window to your own preferences. You can make it a full-screen game and customize some of the settings according to your habits. Press on «Options» to see the full list of configuration features. Now, you can go back to the game and start playing whatever you want.

Best Nintendo Emulators

If you don’t know which Nintendo software to choose from, here is the list of the most popular ones on the Internet:

  • Jnes;
  • ImbNES;
  • HalfNES;
  • Nestopia;
  • FwNES;
  • Nemulator;
  • MarioNES;
  • And 80five.

You will most definitely like some of these.


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