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Jade stones: What they mean and where to find them

jade stone
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Jadeite, or Jade, is a beautiful stone ranging in various tones from dark to light; often green, it can come in almost any color.  Humans have fashioned Jade throughout the centuries for jewelry, tools, weapons, and kitchenware because of its stellar durability.

Jade meanings

Jade’s beautiful luster and the mystery hold a variety of connotations.  Some of these associations differ depending on the color of the stone as well.

Jade represents gentleness, purification, love, balance, harmony, luck, wealth attraction, healing, protection, and good energy.  It has the power to soothe and nourish the soul, specifically the heart.

Jade encourages self-acceptance and self-love in situations where we are coming to grips with the ugliest parts of our natures.  It offers help along the road to inner alchemy for true growth and transformation into gold.

Color indications

The color of Jade also has individual connotations:

  • White – truth and purity
  • Red – love, and life
  • Orange – ambition, success, and libido
  • Yellow – kindness and happiness
  • Green – healing, and longevity
  • Blue – serenity, and dreams
  • Purple – peace, insight, and spirituality

Ancient value

The ancient world valued this crystal for as many purposes and properties as there are colors of Jade.  Mesopotamians used it for kidney problems, and the Greeks found applications with eye diseases.  Romans tied Jade to Bona Dea for her powers of fertility and fortune in childbirth.

The Chinese believed and still do to this day that Jade is a panacea in curing all diseases.  They hold a reverence for this stone with such devotion that it’s sacrilege to mistreat or abuse it.  Kwan-Yin, the goddess of compassion who hears the world’s cries, is the guardian of this stone.

Britain and France used Jade in weaponry and cookware.  The Mayans, Olmecs, and Aztecs also used this stone when offering water to spirits for crops and as weapons.

Where to find Jade

Many people associate Jade with China and the ancient traditions that come from there.  But its value extends from other cultures and regions all over the world too.  It’s found in California, Myanmar, Japan, Russia, Guatemala, and, of course, China.

If you don’t get a chance to travel and go to these locations yourself, you can always buy some online.  But, some things to be aware of when hunting for Jade that you can’t get your hands on before making a purchase.

Many dealers out there will promote genuine Jade, but they’re selling Serpentine or Quartzite, to name a couple.  Ensure you’re buying from a reputable seller and study up on how to distinguish genuine Jade from knock-offs.

Magical Jade

When you have a natural Jade stone in your presence, it’s a fantastic work of craftsmanship built by years of compression within the depths of the earth.  Its beauty, timeless meanings, and variety of uses make Jade a one-of-a-kind crystal.

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