Has COVID-19 made you worried about your food supplies? This home grower may be able to help

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COVID-19 looks as if it is here to stay for some time, and that being the case, the best thing we can all do now is to start planning and preparing for the long months ahead.

We can use this terrible virus to reflect on our dependence on mass-produced, supermarket supplied food and consider making a change to become home growers.

With the world-altering events that have occurred as a consequence of the terrible Coronavirus pandemic, many people are concerned whether they have enough food supplies and whether they will be able to replenish what with the panic buyers stripping shelves in every supermarket.

Unfortunately, there may be no short-term solution to this other than trying to reserve your current supplies and requesting home deliveries to ensure you keep in line with the current social distancing protocol.

If however you were to start trying to break your reliance on the supermarkets and begin to home grow, in as little as a few months you could have your own food supply that you can be confident is safe, healthy and nourishing for you and your family.

Don’t worry, it’s not as hard as you think…

One of the first issues that any prospective home grower will have to overcome is that of finding an optimal grow space.

For those of you with gardens or plots of land this shouldn’t be an issue and not only will it fully utilize this space but will also give you some great exercise and relieve the boredom of quarantine with a nice little hobby.

Individuals who do not have a garden or outdoor area, don’t worry!

Experience has shown it is actually far easier and less physically demanding if you use an indoor grow tent setup.

There are various different types of indoor grow tents or grow tent kits available to purchase and of course each one has its own particular set of specifications in terms of both space and functionality.

For new home growers, we recommend following these three simple hints:

1. Grow Tent Size & Potential Yield

It is important initially to have a baseline of how many plants you wish to grow as this will have a direct impact on the size of your tent you will need.

It follows of course that this will be dictated by your available space. A good rule of thumb to follow though is

  • 1-2 large plants/vegetables or 4 small = 2ft x 2ft grow tent
  • 4 large plants/vegetables or 16 small = 4ft x 4ft grow tent
  • 6 large plants/vegetables or 20 plus small = 5ft x 5ft grow tent

2. Nutrients Required for Indoor Growing

Whether you opt for a soil-based grow or one of the soilless grows such as with hydroponics, aquaponics or aeroponics you will still need to give your plants and vegetables the required nutrition.

There are plenty of organic fertilizers you can easily order online but if you want to enhance your sustainability credentials, why not try home composting.

This is a clever way of being both environmentally friendly whilst at the same time saving on the outlay for nutrient supplements and or fertilizers.

3. Indoor Ventilation

This is a lot simpler than it sounds so don’t panic!

To give your plants and vegetables the required ventilation all that you initially require is an air intake valve or tube and an exhaust fan or even a window to all that hot air out.

It is essential to maintain the correct humidity levels when growing indoors. In winter with the heating on continuously, the air is most certainly going to be drier than in the summer.

But each plant and vegetable is different and it is essential you do your research before you begin so you can best adapt your home grow to your own personal specifications

Many grow tent kits supplied by reputable firms come with built-in humidifiers and fans that control ventilation and air circulation extremely well.

By following these simple guidelines you can ensure that you have a surplus of sustainable, healthy and nutritious produce in no time.

It is important that through all the turmoil and difficulty that coronavirus has pushed on us we remain positive, adaptable and productive. By starting on your journey as a home grower you will accomplish all of these things and hopefully be in a much more positive and enlightened position when this all passes.

We should all take this opportunity to reflect on how our actions impact others and try to make positive changes to help each other.

Written by Joe Davies. Davies is a home growing enthusiast and freelance writer.

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