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Franklin criminal defense attorney guide

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Sometimes you may find yourself unfortunately being charged with a crime. Whether you’re guilty or not may depend on the situation or not, however in either case, you’re going to need to do more than just your own homework. You’re going to need to hire a criminal defense attorney. In the Franklin area, you’ll want to ensure that you have the right legal defense, and we’ve found one for you, but first we’re going to explain some things to avoid when it comes to hiring a criminal defense lawyer.

Don’t Use the Public Defender

The public defender are very honorable people that work for their clients. However, they’re often not paid enough by the system, and they are also in direct affiliation with the court system as well. This means that while they can help some people, they have a lot of cases on their plate and often can’t give yours the right amount of dedication it needs in order to completely guarantee your freedom or reduction of charges.

Phone Book Lawyers

While phone books can help you find good lawyers, it can also help you find no information about how good they are at all. Not only that, but having a listing in the public phone directory simply shows that they have enough money to list their name in the phone book. Find a lawyer with a good website that explains more detailed information, has customer reviews, and more will make this process easier and you can often find out just how reputable a lawyer is.

Hiring the Wrong Kind of Lawyer

When you’re looking for a criminal defense lawyer, you can literally find hundreds that know things about criminal defense, but it’s not their specialty. This is a huge mistake, because they don’t simply give you the dedication that an attorney who specializes in criminal defense can.

Don’t Hire a Prosecuting Attorney Turned Defense Lawyer

This is a huge mistake and can actually have some impacts. Many prosecuting attorneys choose to turn their careers around because of their own bosses, not because they want to help people. By making the switch, they can get more capital gain, and therefore, they’re going to still have numerous prosecuting relationships, including the judge you may be facing.

Hiring an Attorney Who Chooses to Avoid Trials

You want a defense lawyer to be aggressive and assertive in your case, not one who’s going to sit in their office trying to pull strings and do paperwork. When it comes to this, you need to know that even though they know a lot and they’re very persuasive, they’re also excellent manipulators. You want a trial attorney to give you the experience you need, because they also have more respect in the court systems (and they’ll demand it).


If you’re looking to find that you’re in need of a defense attorney in the Franklin area, you’ll want to hire a lawyer that specializes in it like Ben Powers, from the Legal Powers PLLC firm. While he specializes in multiple avenues, one of his primary specialties is criminal defense, and he is a respected attorney who is not afraid to get the people to listen.

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