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Email template size to match the campaign goal and occasion

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Making successful email campaigns never happens without a good and detailed plan, which includes all the template features. It should be visually appealing, easy to read, and simple to view on different devices. That is why searching for optimal sizes and designs is so crucial.

The key parameters for email templates are as follows:

  • Width
  • Height
  • Format and size (dimensions) of images
  • Email file size
  • Email banner
  • Call to action button

Further on, we will reveal the key requirements for emails that fit perfectly on most types of devices and are highly readable. Just to remind you, over 55% of emails are viewed on mobile devices. To see top examples of mobile email template size, visit the website.

The best email design size for different campaigns

To be as effective as possible with email campaigns, marketers have explored the topic of optimal dimensions for emails. However, it turns out they are different for each area! Here are a few ideas on the dimensions for the most widespread campaigns.

1. Marketing emails

Used for promoting and advertising goods and services, marketing emails are called to carry information and build relationships of trust with the brand. They can reach 5,000 pixels.

2. Transactional emails.

These emails just notify receivers, give instructions, or confirm different online operations, so they are clearly shorter. Their design and volume should be limited, and the number of pixels can only be under 1,500. Average transactional emails range from 600 to 1,200 pixels.

Below, you will find important considerations on the most crucial dimensions: width, height, size, header, content block, and footer.

The ultimate template dimensions: width, height, size

First, let’s talk about width, height, and the overall email weight (size).

Email width

The perfect width for any email is agreed to be 600 px. It is allowed to extend it up to 640 px. This is done not because wider templates won’t be downloaded well due to the speed of the Internet but rather because many services such as Gmail might not support background colors or preview instruments for the banners. That’s why email template providers often offer customizable templates, which are by default 600 px wide.

Email height

With height, one can opt for the standard 1,500 px since this height allows users to grasp the message without having to scroll down to see it all. However, it depends on the volume of content you need to present.

Email overall size

If you look for the best email template size, most marketers agree on the golden 100-102 KB email file size and the wise use of visuals. Forget about weighty attachments to make your email light.

Email template dimensions: header, content blocks, footer

Every standard email template size will allow you to share different content in parts of emails.

Email header contains the firm’s logotype, menu buttons, and the link to see the message in the browser.

Email header size

It’s best to stick to a clear and concise design, which in the average email template size makes up to 200 px but can reach 500 px and more in the desktop version.

Content block size

With no strict rules, there’s enough place for creativity. In content, you can use videos, buttons, dividers, GIFs, etc. Remember that if images are hosted on a server, and there’s only a link to them, it doesn’t influence the email size. The minimum image resolution is 72 dpi, while the maximum isn’t fixed.

Footer size

The best examples of email template size 2022 include footers that point out the company’s address, email, and unsubscribe links. This is handy and lets a user solve their problem quickly. Footers are usually limited to 100 px.

Other important considerations

Once you found out the ideal html email template size, don’t forget to maintain a user’s perspective and see if the email would be clear and engaging.

Test every email campaign, especially if you want to go for non-standard email template size width and height or visual elements. With you having this in mind, your clients will be happy receiving nice and beautiful emails.

Story by David Brown

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