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Best 5 casino podcasts you should follow in 2022

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If you are passionate about gambling, you should tune in to a gambling podcast or two in any format. You can learn more about things like how to master certain games, how to enjoy the best gambling experiences, and a whole lot more. There are hundreds of good broadcasts around so choosing the right ones is not that simple. To make it a little easier, we thought we would publish a quick guide to five of the best you can tune into in 2022.

First suggestion: Cousin Vito’s Casino Podcast

Cousin Vito’s is one of the most popular gambling podcasts around right now. Each episode lasts approximately 70 minutes, and you can pick up great new tips every day. It’s put together by a mixed team of authors, casino staff members, and gamblers. One unusual feature of Cousin Vito’s is that even the listener can join in the conversation.

You’ll find plenty of tips and tricks to help you to win more often and maximize the prize money if you care to tune in. This podcast also includes a new online casinos list, which is well worth keeping up to date with.

Second suggestion: Poker Stories

If you are into playing poker, Poker Stories is the podcast for you. Episodes focus on some of the big names in the global poker community. Top players discuss highlights from games in their poker playing careers. It’s a great way to pick up useful tips and strategies as well learning how to approach tournaments. You’ll be surprised what you might read about the most popular card gambling game on the planet.

Episodes are broadcast fortnightly, and each lasts around 50 minutes. Poker Stories offers you a look into poker player VIP lifestyles and features interviews with top experts such as Jen Harman and Seth Davies.

Third suggestion: Vice Lounge Online

Vice Lounge Online is a weekly podcast aimed at gambling enthusiasts who like the finer things in life. As well as delving into the casinos themselves, it wanders off into other topics of interest such as fine adult beverages, premium cigars, and travel. Vice Lounge Online is where you can hear about top casinos well worth visiting and the best games to enjoy while you’re there.

The Vice Lounge podcast is quite prolific, and when you land on the site, you get the opportunity to delve into their huge back-catalog of broadcasts.

Fourth suggestion: The Vital Vegas Podcast

The Vital Vegas Podcast is the go-to broadcast for gamblers who obsess about all things Las Vegas. Episodes are scripted by award-winning blogger Scott Roeben who pulls back the covers to reveal and discuss the goings-on in the gambling capital. New broadcasts come out every few weeks and provide a fun insight into the weirder side of the Golden Strip.

Fifth suggestion: The Blackjack Apprenticeship

The gambling podcast world wouldn’t be complete without a good blackjack podcast, and they don’t come any better than the Blackjack Apprenticeship offering. By tuning into these broadcasts, you can enjoy a wide range of content relevant to both playing live dealer blackjack at the top online casinos or at VIP card rooms in conventional land-based casinos.

There are some hot inside tips on how to beat the house and gain insights into blackjack strategies. By tuning in, you will also get the opportunity to hear from regular guest speakers who talk about their most memorable blackjack moments.

If you have never sampled a podcast, you don’t know what you’re missing. It’s a bit like listening to a radio show, but it has the attraction that you can listen to them as and when you please. You can access them via computer, your handheld, or even your portable digital music player.

Story by Ella Scott

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