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7 best grocery delivery services 2021

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Thriving for an online grocery marketplace is not only cost effective but also notably time saving. And focusing on this particular aspect, the number of grocery delivery services exponentially doubles up in each single day across the country. Hence, finding a suitable and credible store which serves feasible services near your locality, could be a matter of cumbersome chaos. However, you can easily solve this problem after rolling out a swift glance to the list of recommended grocery delivery stores.

Grocery stores namely Walmart, Instacart, Fresh direct have not just been recognized for serving value and fresh products from their basket but these are truly astounding to enumerate up attractive deals on a rolling basis. Additionally, all their services are perfectly time specific. Therefore, let’s encounter the names of top 7 online grocery stores that are currently leading the USA’s fresh market store and experience some of their best services.

1. Instacart

One of the most popular grocery stores for soaring high and unbelievable range of discounts especially on fresh vegetables and fresh fruits. Despite availing services to major cities like CA, NY city, Miami, the online grocery store which also has in-store outlets, have been capable of chaining up more than 40,000 stores in 5.500+ cities. In order to be more viable to customers, the store has also been affiliated with featured stores namely Costco, Walgreens, CVS, Pecto for exclusive services. The mode of delivery available is ‘same day delivery’ which generally gets accomplished within 3-4 hrs of placing orders, or curb side or in-store pick. Taking the quos of Covid, the user can also avail contactless doorstep delivery.

However, using an Instacart coupon while an existing user can save $20 on their purchase, a new user will get additional benefits on sign up. The store also avail 14 days of free deliveries prior to activating Instacart express membership. The store is majorly famous for fresh veggies, fruits, meats and frozen food.

2. Walmart grocery

A commoner’s first choice, the Walmart grocery which aggregates brilliant deals for both groceries, household needs and daily essentials, is highly feasible in terms of availing delivery. While you can claim for a free doorstep delivery on an order above $35, to be extra cautious on this covid time, you can also opt for curbside pick up. The free delivery is imparted between same day or expedited delivery to all grocery needs. Moreover, with sharing it’s referral code among friends and family, you can additionally blissed with $10 cashback.

Another aspect, which praised its service among citizens across the country, is its super feasible service even in little far fetched locations. However, despite dairy, fruits and vegetables, Walmart also leases extravagant offers to whole grain staples, baby food, canned items, medicines and health essential items, usually starting from $0.98 onwards.

3. Costco wholesale

Originated first in 1976, San Diego, Costco wholesale is a present name of finest global retailing services to more than eight countries. The wholesale service is, however, more than just a solution to meet every day’s grocery needs. From household needs to large home appliances, even furniture, the store is an impeccable clubhouse of all ranges of household necessities. Presently, the store tunes high on the Hot buy sale that helps you to redeem a maximum $1000 off on your purchase. However, you can also order fresh rainforest flowers at a great discount from here.

One of the major advantages of the store which makes it completely distinct, you can place the order from it’s app or website and collect the product from local stores right after displaying the invoices in the name of the store. It’s affiliation with local markets is truly engulfing. However, you can snap a few bucks more on the wholesale purchase of either food grains and other grocery needs.

4. Fresh Direct

One of the most reliable solutions to get the daily grocery needs to the east coast residents. Fresh Direct engages the residents of NY, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania in-chain through its service. It’s an affordable gateway to shop for fruits and vegetables, dairy and poultry, prepared foods and diverse ranges of seafoods. It also dispenses nutrition or dietitian recommending foods such as gluten free items, food of diabetics, nonfat green yogurt etc. The store avails a 60 days free delivery trial before tying up with its membership plan. And all users can save $5 off on the orders from Tuesday to Friday. However, to claim a free delivery, the user needs to place an order above $30.

5. Walgreens

Walgreens offers a sea of benefits to all its users on both groceries and other essentials such as pharmacy, school supplies at a minimum of 50% discount. However, the store clamours high discounts on canned and packed foods  such beverages, chocolates, cereals, vitamins etc. All the users will get to access its standard free delivery that commences with 3-4 consecutive days on an order above $35. All the orders will show an auto and timely update. However, using exclusive coupon codes all users would be able to save more than 30% deduction on their shopping.

6. Peapod

Peapod not only allows a viable service of fresh grocery items but at the same time, comes in conjunction with featured brands namely Giant, Martin, Shop & Shop etc. All the users can easily place their orders after signing up with the website. However, the store is again dedicated to same day delivery, fast expedited delivery and a free delivery above qualifying certain order limit. The store proves a great liberty of free 60 days doorstep delivery to all its customers. Presently, the store has ramified its branches to 24 new cities including NY, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia etc.

7. Kmart

It’s a supermarket that marshals diverse categories of products including grocery services. All of the groceries are expediently delivered based on the types of products. If the products are perishable then users either will receive same day delivery or curb side pick. In case the products are packed and canned, then these are delivered within 2-3 days. However, all the users can manage extravagant savings using Kmart gift cards starting from $10.

The popularity of shopping online is getting preoccupied day by day. Thus shopping for grocery items from this platform is not an exceptional case. Moreover, you can redeem jaw dropping reward benefits apart from getting access to a comfortable doorstep delivery. And after heading inside any of these stores, you can visualize and sense all these benefits. Save more, eat fresh.

Story by James Ross

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