Spinning irony

Jim Bishop | Post-funeral ponderings: Thankful for solid support

Common Cents | GSA takes great pride in local presence

Bob Dickerman | Colonel Christmas

No left turn?

Virginia Tech Peace Center gets a hand from EMU

Budget amendment tied to CCCA gains support in House

Dorothy Jean Weaver | Israeli-Palestinian conflict is tragic for everyone

Shop green at Cranberry’s

White steps down as CEO at Food Bank Network

Loan growth at DCCU in 4Q

Thursday’s Events

David Reynolds | An old beginning

David Cox | A new dawn

Children’s Hour to feature Swami

Nigerian writer to speak at EMU

BC group safe after harrowing experience in Costa Rica

EMU honors MLK

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Videocast | Inauguration Day in the Valley

Live Blog | Today is the day!

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Chris Graham | Barack

David Cox | The strategy of hope

Media expert-turned-pastor to speak at EMU

Dinner Diva | ABCs of weight loss

The FlyLady | The perfectionism monster

EMU will Take Back the Night

VDOT road work schedule for Jan. 19-23

Saxman offers proposal to keep CCCA open

Sanford D. Horn | Kaine’s prison plan should be handcuffed

Lisa Schirch | The right to self-defense is not a strategy for peace

Jeremy White | Car-title lending – what is it, really?

Jim Bishop | Going full circle: Parent-child roles are reversed

Live Blog – UVa. vs. UNC

The Death of Newspapers, Act I

Rick Gibson | Moving the CCCA?

Author explores forced relocation of mountain families in ’30s

Videocast | Jon Bowerbank meets the press

Hot air from the ‘Pubs

Money and the influence it has

David Reynolds | Being there

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