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VR and the future of casinos

businessThe world of iGaming is growing every day. There are many online casinos wordwide, and new casinos are opened weekly. It has started to grow even more last decades and will grow many years to come.

Nowadays, VR (Virtual Reality) has become the new great thing in the tech industry. It is proving to be among the most cutting-edge technological advances in the world of (online) gaming. VR is believed to be capable of revolutionizing the online casino industry according to

Change is the key to attract new customers and keep existing (online) players. Virtual Reality (VR) gaming is getting popular by Casino and Betting brands to transport their players to life-like land-based casino environments.

These provide the most realistic gaming experience without players having to leave the comfort of their own home.

The impact of Virtual Reality technology on regular casinos might be more or less limited. However, it is going to make a lot of big changes in the world of online gambling.

Top casino software developers of the iGaming industry, like NetEnt and Microgaming, developed a prototype for Virtual Reality in 2016 at the ICE Totally Gaming fair.

Aside from the table games, developers have also worked hard on VR slotmachines, such as Jack and the Beanstalk, aimed at owners of the Google Cardboard VR headset. Virtual Reality could soon hit the world of online poker too.

Why VR Gambling?

  • The first VR casino opened up in late 2016. As the technology grows more mainstream there will be many more casinos that will come up and the ones existing already will be more sophisticated. These can offer a better and realistic experience than standard online casinos. Gamblers can get a better overall experience. For instance, they can bet on a football match and be able to watch the game at the same time, and even see their favorite team  winning the game.
  • Get more casino players – The VR casinos can make playing casino games more relaxed and exciting for players who don’t have the time to visit an land-based casino. It can satisfy the needs of people who are unable to go to a “normal” casino.
  • Great communication – In a few cases, these can also let player enjoy real-time communication with other players and wit the live (casino table games) dealers. VR technology can offer such an experience, and not simply benefit the casino players but also the online casino. Many new gamblerss would love to visit web-based casinos to enjoy these great experiences.


There are some roadblocks. VR is not available for many people. It takes time to revolutionize the online gambling industry. Players have to  buy a VR headset to be able to use  the VR casino. While there are quite a few available already on the market, these are still quite expensive. The price of mainstream VR headsets begins from around 350 USD, while the more better models can be as expensive as $1,100 USD.

It will take time for VR wearable tech to become mainstream, but once it does it could transform the world of iGaming and pose a serious threat to bricks-and-mortar casinos.

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