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Here for you is our ultimate guide to online blackjack casinos in the UK. We’re going to inform you about everything you need to arm yourself with to get the best from your online blackjack play at UK casino sites. You’ll find info about blackjack variants plus tips and strategies. Keep on reading if you want to get the most out of your blackjack play.

Best Online Blackjack Sites UK List 

  1. PlayOjonumber one blackjack casino games site in the UK
  2. Betfred – long-established online casino site with plenty of blackjack
  3. Mr.Play – entertain yourself at this blackjack-heavy site
  4. All British Casino – play red, white and blue blackjack!
  5. Genesis Casino – a new casino that has excellent blackjack options
  6. Kwiff – supercharge your blackjack play here
  7. Sloty – mainly slots, but plenty of blackjack too
  8. Mr Green – a quirky site with entertaining blackjack options
  9. The Hippodrome Casino – live blackjack is a real hit here!
  10. PokerStars – not just for poker fiends, has blackjack too!

Best Blackjack Sites UK in More Detail 

You’ve seen our list of the top online blackjack sites. In this section we’re going to go into some depth to explain why we think they’re the best blackjack sites UK punters can play at.

1. PlayOjo – 50 Free Spins

We are very big fans at PlayOjo here (which, after all, is why it has made it to number one on our list), and we have been since the site came online in 2016. It immediately swept the 2017 industry awards, winning prizes via EGR, iGaming and CasinoMeister.

PlayOJO live casino

Blackjack gets its own section at PlayOjo, which is something that’s always good to see at online blackjack sites. Admittedly there are only ten versions of RNG-based blackjack available at the site, but that should be enough, especially as the games cater for both high rollers and those who are a little more reserved about the size of their wagers.

There are plenty of live casino tables for blackjack too but PlayOjo does provide a ‘PlayOjo’-only table where you’ll be only playing against other PlayOjo casino users. This is a high rollers table though, with stakes starting at £5 and rising all the way up to £5,000. If that sounds a little too rich for you then don’t worry, as you can play for lower stakes at the Blitz, Blackjack Party and Infinite Blackjack tables.

What We Like

  • Number one online blackjack site on our list
  • Caters for high rollers (£5,000 table stakes)
  • Casual blackjack players welcome too!

What We Don’t Like

  • Welcome bonus is free spins only

2. Betfred – Stake £10 Get 50 Free Spins

People in the UK will probably know Betfred better as a UK sports betting brand, but it has its own online casino attached at which, of course, you can play RNG-based blackjack and at live blackjack tables.

betfred live casino

The live casino at Betfred is truly exceptional, with crystal-clear video that really leaves you feeling that you are genuinely part of the action. Betfred is one of the few number of online blackjack sites that has branded tables, so when you play here you will only be playing with other Betfred customers. All the live tables at Betfred for blackjack and other casino pastimes have been created by Playtech.

There are usually plenty of bonuses available at Betfred but when we looked there were no blackjack-only bonuses. That is not something that should put you off playing here, though, as a generous stack of bonuses is always available at this classic casino and sports betting site.

What We Like

  • Superb live blackjack video via Playtech
  • Lots of options – RNG-based blackjack and live tables
  • Excellent deals for new casino users

What We Don’t Like

  • No specific blackjack bonuses

3. Mr Play – 100 Spins + Up To £200 Bonus

Mr Play launched in 2017 and soon made a name for itself for not taking itself too seriously. The logo of Mr Play features a ‘tache and they have a habit of sticking ‘taches on everything, even the women!

Mr Play live dealer

Mr Play can get serious about stuff too, and that goes for their blackjack offerings. In terms of software-based blackjack, there are five titles all from iSoftbet. If you like to speed up your blackjack play then you should try multihand blackjack where you can play more than one hand at once!

The live casino section has titles from that particular industry’s leaders Evolution. There are several variants available including ‘The Strip’ Blackjack, but before you get too excited the removal of clothes is not an option when you are playing as it’s just the kind of blackjack played on the famous ‘Strip’ in Las Vegas.

What We Like

  • Large array of live dealer blackjack games from Evolution
  • RNG-based games from iSoftBet
  • Good first deposit bonus up to £200

What We Don’t Like

  • Too many ‘taches!

4. All British Casino – 100% Up To £100 + Always 10% Cashback

Ever since 2016 people in the UK have been putting the ‘great’ back into ‘Great Britain’ (not that it ever needed putting back in) as we all work hard for the sake of our island. Hard work is fine but sometimes we need to kick back and play, which is where the All British Casino comes in.

live dealer casinos

Blackjack may not be a British game (it’s French) unlike … er … pontoon, but it still receives very good coverage at the casino where everything is a dazzling shade of red, white or blue. There are over a dozen versions of RNG-based blackjack, mainly from top-level providers such as Microgaming and NYX Gaming. It’s a great choice that should help keep you happy.

The live casino has plenty of options too, and there are two very distinct providers in Evolution and Pragmatic Play.

We have to take our bowler hats off and congratulate the All British Casino on the design of their site, into which a great deal of effort has obviously gone. It all adds to the overall casino experience!

What We Like

  • Plenty of very good RNG-based blackjack games
  • Live casinos games from Evolution and Pragmatic Play
  • Site is just lovely to look at!

What We Don’t Like

  • No mobile app

5. Genesis Casino – 100% Up To £100 Bonus + 300 Bonus Spins

The genesis of the Genesis Casino only happened in 2018, but it has evolved since then to become a superb online casino, as the sister site of another name on our list, Sloty.

live dealer casino at genesis

Sloty though (as you have guessed by the name) tends to focus on slots, while for Genesis Casino it’s more of an all-round experience, and that of course includes the noble pastime of blackjack. Playing here is genuinely a stellar experience although some people may find the experience a little too slots heavy.

There are plenty of classy versions of blackjack available and from multiple providers such as Relax Gaming, Quickspin and NetEnt. The live casino blackjack here is provided by Evolution, whose live casino fare really is second-to-none. There are plenty of slight variants and a very high number of tables, so finding a seat to play live online blackjack at the Genesis Casino is never, ever a problem.

What We Like

  • A good number of blackjack software providers
  • Live casino blackjack from Evolution
  • Nice site design makes it easy to use

What We Don’t Like

  • Too much emphasis on slots at the site

Comparing Top Blackjack Sites 

If you have been impressed with our info so far (and we hope you have been) then you’re going to be even more impressed going forwards with the information we have for you about online blackjack sites. Here now is our breakdown of the pertient details most people look for when searching for info about the best blackjack sites in the UK.

Online Blackjack Sites Number of Live Blackjack Tables Number of Virtual Blackjack Games Blackjack Software Providers Max Bet
playojo 23 12 Evolution, Playtech £10,000
betfred 4 14 Playtech £20,000
mrplay 6 5 Evolution, iSoftBet £10,000
allbritishcasino 4 18 Microgaming, Pragmatic Play, Evolution £10,000
genesiscasino 42 35 Evolution, NetEnt, Microgaming £5,000
kwiff 12 2 Evolution £5,00
Sloty casino 8 6 Evolution, NetEnt, Microgaming £2,5000
mrgreen 17 11 Evolution, Playtech £2,500
hippodrome 6 22 Evolution, Microgaming £15,000
13 4 Evolution, Playtech £2,500

How to Pick the Best Blackjack Sites Online 

If you find numbers really boring, then you have probably glossed over the table above. There are though more reasons why to select a top blackjack site online than facts and figures, and below you’ll find some of the most important about our favourite online blackjack gambling sites.

Number of Online Blackjack Tournaments

Blackjack can be a pretty boring game sometimes no matter how much you love it. If you hit the dreaded losing streak then you can end up in a right blackjack funk. One way to enliven yourself is to play in blackjack tournaments at online blackjack sites.

Here, it’s not just the mundane case of you against the dealer. Although each tournament entrant will be playing the normal player vs dealer game, it will be the number of chips won (or lost) that becomes the most crucial factor. The aim of the game is to rise on up the leaderboard until you hit the top. If you end the tournament as top blackjack dog then you’ll be in the money.

So, having online blackjack tournaments is important for many players at blackjack sites, as is the number of tournaments actually available.

Betting Limits

Everyone has their own expectations of their blackjack experience at a site when it comes to winning and losing. For some, it is the game itself that’s the real lure, and blowing up one’s bank balance is secondary (or even thirden … er .. dary). For them it’s important that low stakes tables exist at online blackjack sites.

For others though it is all about cash. They take their blackjack playing seriously. They study perfect strategy, and never put a foot wrong in their quest to suck the chips out of the casino’s hands. For them, they need high betting limits because they are confident that – unless they hit a losing streak – they can win big bundles of cash.

The best blackjack sites online cater for both types of player, with low limit tables for those who want to bet low, and high limit tables for those who want to bet high.

Mobile Experience

There was a stage where most households in the UK had at least one computer, but now because of the computing power of phones and tablets, pratically everything we used to be able to do only on a PC or laptop can be done on a mobile device, from social media to online banking.

The same goes for casino play. All casinos can be played using a phone or tablet, either via a browser or dedicated casino apps for iOS and Android. You can even play live casino blackjack on a phone or tablet with ease. Therefore, when you are evaluating a potential new online blackjack casino, how it performs on mobile is a crucial consideration.

Blackjack Bonuses

A few online casinos will offer specific blackjack bonuses, but the days when such offers were commonplace are now sadly a thing of the past. You may still find blackjack bonuses if you are lucky (and if we find any you will be the first to know!), but general bonuses are good as you can usually use them on blackjack. A site that offers regular bonuses (and not just a welcome bonus) is good too.

One thing to look out for are the wagering requirements for a bonus. Many T&Cs for bonuses reduce the contribution of blackjack for wagering down to five percent, ten percent or even nothing at all. If it is your intent to use blackjack to meet your bonus wagering this is something you need to take a look at.

How to Play Blackjack Online

Nearly everyone know how to play blackjack online or when playing with friends, or at least some version of it. You and the dealer are dealt two cards each, with the dealer receiving one face up card and one face down card (yours are both dealt face up). You then have the choice of sticking with what you have, or adding more cards in your quest to get as close to 21 without going over (which means you have bust and you automatically lose). The dealer then plays – because of casino rules they are forced to keep dealing cards to themselves until they’ve scored at least 17, and must stop dealing cards once they reach 17 even if you have more.

blackjack live

If you are dealt an ace and a card worth ten then this is ‘blackjack’ and you automatically win. If you and the dealer end up with the same total then it’s a ‘push’ and you get your stake back. There are some other ‘quirks’ of blackjack online that you need to know about:

Insurance – if the dealer’s face up card is a ace, you can make a side bet called ‘insurance’. You win this side bet if the dealer has blackjack.

Double down – double your bet in exchange for only receiving one more card.

Split – if you receieve a pair you can split them and play them as two separate hands.

Surrender – you can surrender your opening two cards in return for receiving half of your bet back.

Online Blackjack Strategy 

Blackjack has a low house edge, but only if you play sensibly. If you want to make the most of your blackjack play then hunt around the internet for a ‘perfect strategy chart’. This is a chart that tells you what to do in every eventuality so the casino house edge is minimised.

If you don’t want to play blackjack with an online blackjack strategy spreadsheet at your side, then here are a few tips that will enable you to get the most out of your blackjack.

1. Always Double Down On 11

After being dealt your first two cards, eleven is the dream total. This is the highest total possible where you can safely be dealt a third card without fear of going bust.

In addition, that third card is more likely to provide you with a winning total than not, as any 10 will give you a unbeatable 21, and any 8 or 9 is pretty good too! This is why you should always double down on 11.

2. 12 And 13 Can Be Your Friends

New blackjack players will always get a third card if they see that their total is 12 or 13. There’s no way you can win with such a low total, right?

Wrong! If you get an awkward total such as 12 or 13, what you do depends purely on the dealer’s up card. If that card is 6, then you are in dreamland as that means the dealer is more likely to bust than not (remember the dealer has to keep taking cards until they reach 17 at least, even if they have already beaten your total). A dealer having any card less then 7 is promising too.

So, don’t automatically grab another card if you land 12 or 13 – check to see what the dealer has.

3. Don’t Split A Strong Pair

Most blackjack players love a pair – you get to play two hands instead of one, after all. If the dealer has a poor up card then surely splitting a pair is a no-brainer?

The answer to that is ‘maybe’. It’s inadvisable to split tens and some players won’t split nines either. In both cases you already have a good hand, so why risk turning one great hand into two poor ones? Say you split your tens and you are dealt a 4 and a 5 to your new hands? You’ve turned an advantageous position into a poor one.

Don’t split fives either. Ten is a good starting total for a decent blackjack hand, while five is not good at all.

4. Skip Insurance

Insurance may seem like a good online blackjack sites deal when playing blackjack and the dealer shows an ace, but it’s not. Indeed, some people feel that insurance was introduced to scam players into departing with more money than they need to.

Plenty of people have done the math and worked out that taking insurance is a very bad bet, so just don’t do it.

5. Manage Your Bankroll

Gambling should be entertaining – if you do not find gambling entertaining then you should not be doing it, it really is as simple as that. The main ‘problem’ for some people when it comes to gambling is managing money.

You can prevent such problems by sticking with the 10:100 rule. First work out how much money per month you have available for gambling (money you can afford to lose without it affecting your life). This is your monthly bankroll and once it has gone you need to wait for the next month to start again. Divide this by 10 to get your daily bankroll. Again, when this money has gone, you stop. Divide you daily bankroll by 100 to get your stake per blackjack hand.

So, if your monthly bankroll is £200, your daily bankroll is £20, and your stake is £0.20 per hand.

Online Blackjack Variations 

blackjack onlineMost online blackjack players prefer to play straight blackjack. It’s the perfect game to play and if you stick to straight blackjack then you have the best chance of winning. One thing to note here – the less decks a blackjack game uses, the better the odds for you. Single deck blackjack (if you can find it) is the best version of blackjack you can play online. Four deck blackjack is good, and six deck blackjack is okay. It’s when eight decks get involved that the house edge begins to rise.

You will though notice several blackjack variants that are available online. While these can be entertaining, if you are serious about playing blackjack to win money then they should be avoided. If, however, you just want some extra entertainment then they are fine.

Some blackjack variants will offer you side bets – you pay a slight extra stake and you’ll win if you land a ‘perfect pair’ (i.e. two cards that are exactly the same) or score 21 with 678 or 777. These side bets though are seldom worth it, but go for it if you want to!

Top Online Blackjack Sites with Offers 

When you’re considering which online blackjack sites to join, it’s worth thinking about what they can offer you as a welcome bonus. This chart breaks down what’s on offer at the top blackjack sites.

We’ve already mentioned that the deals offered by online blackjack sites should have a major impact on your choice of which site(s) to play blackjack at. Here are the bonus details at the our most recommended online blackjack sites.

Online Blackjack Sites Bonus Offer Details Wagering Requirements Promo Code Offer Ends
playojo 50 Free Spins None None 30 days
betfred 50 Free Spins None None 7 days
mrplay 100 Spins + up to £200 Bonus 35x None 21 days
allbritishcasino 100% up to £100 + 10% Cashback 35x None 30 days
genesiscasino 100% up to £100 + 300 Free Spins 40x None 14 days
kwiff 200 Free Spins None None 3 days
Sloty casino 100% up to £100 + 300 Free Spins 40x None 14 days
mrgreen 50 Free Spins 35x None 3 days
hippodrome 100% up to £100 + 100 Free Spins 50x None 7 days
100% up to £100 + 150 Free Spins Varies UK300 7 days


We hope we have by now significantly increased your knowledge about online blackjack sites. If you are a fan of the classic casino card game, then you’ll now be spoilt for choice about where you can play. Our top ten list should have given you some good ideas.

Don’t forget that you no longer have to be stuck to a desktop PC or laptop in order to play your favourite blackjack games. All the online blackjack sites that we have mentioned can be enjoyed on your tablet or even your phone. Head to one of our suggested casinos on your mobile device and get playing.

Remember, you need to follow our blackjack tips in order to get the most from your blackjack play – including managing your bankroll! Play sensibly and responsibly for the maximum blackjack entertainment!


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