The 7 tips to be the best recruiter on LinkedIn

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Much has been talked about and spoken of LinkedIn as the professional social network par excellence, and it is not for less, since to date, the data is overwhelming. More than 60% of social media users have an open LinkedIn profile.

This simply means that there has been a transformation of the concept of social network, where what is important is no longer the connection with friends and closest circles, to becoming a professional medium, in which users focus their objectives on the search or improvement of employment. This is one of the reasons many people are now looking in LinkedIn direction to enhance their business and career and the reason there are some effective software for LinkedIn automation build to make the platform more promising for business owners.

However, the network has always been analyzed from the point of view of the candidates, offering advice on how the profile should be to be attractive, but what about the Recruiters 2.0 on LinkedIn?

They are the other half of the puzzle to complete the goal of looking for work and attracting talent. That is why we want to dedicate this article to analyze the network from the other perspective, that of the recruiters, and how they should be shown to the candidates to optimize their recruitment results. Do you want to know how to become the best recruiter on LinkedIn? Follow these tips:

#1: Build a Complete Profile and Care

Maybe this seems obvious, but if we value it as something fundamental in our candidates, we must lead by example and apply the story. We can say that the fact of taking time to show complete and well-taken care of profile will mean a lot – not only our first impression before the users but also the companies. It must convey seriousness as well as passion and professional success.

#2: Take Advantage of the Efficient Form of the LinkedIn Format

We all know that a good owner accumulates readers. Many times, we decide to read an article because of how attractive the header is. Well, in LinkedIn, the same thing happens. We must know how to take advantage of the space that the network leaves us to capture a good headline that provides information about what we do and what we are looking for.

For example, if we are recruiters of an innovative company where creativity and imagination are one of the strong points, perhaps our headline could be something like “Recruiting Innovation” or “Recruiting Creativity.”

#3: Power Your Mission as a Recruiter

As recruiters, we know that candidates are increasingly demanding and do not “marry” anyone, that is, they are not willing to contribute their talent to a company that does not know how to value them and get the best out of them. Our mission will be to attract them.

For this, we must know how to sell ourselves not only as the best company to work for but also as the best recruiter capable of watching the best talent. LinkedIn offers us a wonderful space through the extract, where we can capture all our ingenuity. It is about strengthening our Employer Branding and making it clear to our candidates that we are your best option.

#4: Use a Formal But Understandable Language

We must take care of the language and the expressions that we use in the network so that they are understandable all over the world. Let us avoid the technicalities of the profession but unknown to many. The style should be formal but close.

#5: Create and Participate in Groups

LinkedIn offers recruiters a great tool to work with groups, so we have to take advantage of them. We must participate actively by encouraging the participation of candidates. It is essential to be seen as professionals in the sector, taking care of the language and the expressions that we always use with a motivating tone.

Just as participation in social networks says a lot about how our candidates are, our image and reputation will also be reflected in our interaction.

#6: Take Advantage of LinkedIn Anonymity

One of the options offered by LinkedIn is the possibility of visiting the profiles of the candidates anonymously, in this way we can investigate and contact only those that really interest us and thus focus on our objective. Another option would be to create your own group with a specific theme that attracts desired profiles.

#7: Customize Your Messages

We all like to feel special and not just part of a whole. Therefore, it is important to personalize the messages avoiding the default texts of LinkedIn. That, in addition, will make us improve our image and that of our company.

In a situation where you have to send the same message to several people, use the privacy tool so that the recipient does not see the other recipients.

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