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Staunton receives Gold Award for water treatment

stauntonThe City of Staunton’s Water Treatment Plant received top scores from the Virginia Department of Health’s Office of Drinking Water for its performance in 2020.

The Gold Award for Performance Excellence recognizes achieving efficiency and effectiveness goals that go well beyond the regulatory standards.

The facility was awarded six silver awards and 10 bronze awards in previous years; however, this is the first year it has received the highest-level recognition.

“We take pride in ensuring that we’re delivering the best water possible to the community,” said Seth Hoilman, the plant’s chief operator. “Each of our operators understands the trust that the city has placed in them and the importance of what we do.”

The award is a part of the Virginia Optimization Program, which strives to encourage water treatment facilities to provide water with a quality that exceeds minimum regulatory standards and to operate water systems in an exemplary manner.

VOP attempts to accomplish this mission by establishing optimization goals, communicating the goals to the water treatment facilities and measuring performance. Ultimately, the purpose of VOP is to reduce the risks to public health associated with drinking water.

“Seventeen years of continuous recognition is a real testimony to our amazing water treatment team,” stated Jeff Johnston, the director of public works. “But the Gold Award highlights exactly how dedicated they are to their work. It’s awarded on the basis of data collected day after day for the entire year demonstrating that every operator is consistently at the top of their game.”

City Manager Steve Rosenberg announced the award at the City Council regular meeting last week, and later noted the city’s commitment to hiring and training highly qualified staff to service in such critical positions.

“The City of Staunton is committed to safeguarding the safety of the water supply to residents and businesses,” Rosenberg said. “We value the individuals employed to do so and are grateful for their continual efforts to enhance this essential service.”

Each year the facility releases a report that details information about the quality of water treated by the city. The 2020 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report will be posted by the end of June on the city’s website.

Additional information can be obtained at or by calling 540.332.3961.

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