Meet your future wife in 2019 using the best Asian dating websites

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In 2019, it’s more possible than ever to find love overseas and meet the Asian woman of your dreams. When it comes to online dating for Asian women however, it’s pretty slim pickings, as there’s only a few dating sites out there that are primarily meant for Asian women. Fortunately, we’ve made a little list to help you meet your future wife in 2019 with help from the AsianDatingSitesReviews – homepage. Using the best Asian dating websites will be an integral part of your search for the Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, or even Filipino woman that you want to spend the rest of your life with.

  1. com – This website is the largest of all of the Asian dating sites out there. While it’s very comparable to popular sites like, it is strictly full of Asian women and not recommended for women who aren’t. Of course, if you’re looking to land an Asian man, I guess you could always do that too, as many Asians look for similar-cultured partners. It’s the longest running Asian only dating site out there and has the most members and real stories of successful relationships.
  2. – FilipinoCupid has millions of users as well, and has a high amount of positive results when it comes to lasting relationships. Depending on what you’re looking for, this is the best dating site for finding Filipino women on the internet.
  3. com,,,, MalaysianCupid.comAll of these “Cupid” websites are excellent choices, but you must keep in mind individual cultures you might want to learn, as well as the language barrier you’re going to face. For example, you may actually get more Indonesians and Japanese women who know English better than some of the other sites, and if you’re going to talk to them, then you need to understand that each individual “area” of Asia has their own distinct cultures.

For example, in Malaysia, they have much stricter rules, laws, and regulations compared to other cultures, so it’s important that you respect those.

In Thailand, they have higher areas like Pattaya and Phuket you want to stay away from looking in, as well as recommend that you don’t block anyone and ignore those who ask for money. They probably do need real help financially, but you don’t need to cater to it.

Japan of course is very traditional in some parts, so it’s important that you get to know their culture, and if there is a language barrier there, you’ll want to learn a little bit of their language (or offer to teach them English too).


Finding your lifelong partner is no easy task, and while sometimes it is even harder to do so when you have specific tastes and cultures to investigate (as well as try to get results from). Therefore, it’s very crucial that in any relationship, especially online, that you keep yourself safe. Never give out pertinent information that someone can use against you or steal your identity. At the same time, as mentioned above, it doesn’t just apply for the “cupid” dating sites, you should really look into learning about their culture and take it slow. This is the best way to find love. But by all means, just simply saying “hello” can lead you to your soulmate someday.

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