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Maldives tourism: Indian tourists can now experience the best of Maldives

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Tourism in Maldives is now more popular than ever before; after the travel hiatus during the pandemic, tourists are flocking to the islands in unprecedented numbers, drawn to the luxury of the tropical paradise. Designed to offer an inclusive experience, the Maldives tourism packages make sure that travelers across all tastes, sensibilities, and budget interests can make the best of their time in Maldives.

The islands of course, have a reputation as a luxury refuge, and are often overlooked by those looking to travel on a budget. However, newly introduced packages from Thrillophilia offer compact getaways to Maldives at extremely affordable ranges, making sure that a holiday at the islands are accessible to all. These well planned packages make sure that no one has to compromise on their quality of stay either, offering accommodation only at the best resorts, along with a fair share of special activities. Specialty dining experiences, diving, water adventures and cruises are only some of the best ways to spend one’s time on the islands. Tourists can choose from a number of exploratory tours as well, whether it be island hopping tours, or sightseeing around the capital city of Maldives.

Affordable deals

It is a popular misconception that only big spenders can travel to Maldives. The islands, however, have now opened their doors to moderate budget travelers as well. The Maldives Tourism Packages newly introduced by Thrillophilia make sure that travelers now have access to extremely affordable deals, without compromising on the overall experience of visiting Maldives. The tour packages offer a holistic experience, including approximately 2 to 3 nights’ stay in 4 star resorts. Dining is included in these packages as well, with the provision of special private dinner experiences. One can even tailor their tour package to the islands by adding a few specialty excursions, activities, watersports or cultural experiences that are offered at or around the resort.

Activities to experience

The charm of Maldives rests largely on the exquisite activities offered at the islands. The Maldives Tourism Packages offers but a glimpse into this. The ocean being the biggest attraction here, it is no surprise that watersports are most in demand among tourists in Maldives. Snorkeling and scuba diving are two of the most rewarding activities in Maldives; some resorts even feature a house reef just off the coast, making diving a specialty attraction. Sports such as surfing, boating or parasailing are commonplace in Maldives as well. For those not very interested in exploring the waters, resorts in Maldives offer activities such as sunset cruises, excursion, beach sports, wildlife explorations and even cultural performances. If you’re visiting the islands on your honeymoon, some resorts offer specialized honeymoon experiences, including private dinners by the sea and cruises. In addition to this, Maldives resorts also feature children’s clubs to cater to their younger guests, and organize workshops, nature trails and other events.

Explore the new places

Although the luxury resorts are the biggest points of attraction at the islands, the Maldives Tourism Packages offer much in terms of exploration as well. Male, the capital city of Maldives, has several points of interests which can be quite fun to explore. The ancient mosque of Hukuru Miskiy, the Tsunami Monument and the Male National Museum are some of the most visited tourist attractions here. Male also features a gorgeous artificial beach, which is the only artificial beach in all of Maldives. Some of Maldives’ islands, such as Vadhoo island, feature stunning, bioluminescent beaches as well, which can be quite exciting to witness.

The magic of Maldives, with its gorgeous beaches, five star resorts and classy tropical vibe, allures tourists to itself throughout the year. Thanks to the fantastically planned Maldives tourism packages,  travelers from India can now experience the best of what Maldives has to offer. Despite the allure of the world-class stay on the islands, the package experience does not just stop with the luxury resorts, but extends itself to a comprehensive tour and exploration around the islands of Maldives as well.

Story by Maanvir Jaglan

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