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Is it cheap to own a moped?

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Even if you’re one of the lucky few who’s got some pounds to burn and splash around, I’m pretty sure no one likes to spend so much, or more than they have to, on their means of transportation. However, with the ever-fluctuating pump prices of fuel and gas, there is really no hiding the fact that transporting oneself can get pretty expensive if caution isn’t exercised. Although there’s been a drastic fall in gas prices lately (Lady Luck is still smiling on us for now), there’s still no telling whether the prices will stay that low for long or will rise higher. To that end, people have started looking for ways to cut transportation costs. After all, if one cannot influence the prices of fuel, at least one should try to cut out other factors. While some have resorted to taking public transports, tubes, and other cheaper medium of transportation, several others have started adopting another potential alternative in Mopeds. These likes are relatively smaller than cars and other popular means of movement. But that’s not the only catch with mopeds, as they also come cheaper than cars, while also consuming quite a bit less fuel. But is that really all there is to Mopeds? Let’s move on to the next frame!

Mopeds vs. scooters

Before we go into the ultimate discussion of this post, it is very crucial that we first state clearly a distinctive fact between a moped and its look-alike – scooter. Although many people often confuse the two for being the same, there is a slight difference between them. Despite the similarities in size, shape, and design, there is still a slight difference in their engine sizes. While mopeds have engines capable of scaling up to 50cc, the engine is still only able to muster a top speed of 28 MPH – quite low, though, but still very much able to get around. Scooters, on the other hand, have larger engine capacities and higher speed limits.

Are mopeds cheaper?

Yes, mopeds are pretty much cheaper than scooters and cars. Just a simple Google search on the costs of mopeds will return to you prices in the range of ₤1,000. Only in rare and special cases will you find mopeds costing far above this price range. So, if you’re looking for an option that helps you save money in terms of purchase cost and maintenance cost (fuel cost), there’s simply no looking beyond mopeds.

Mopeds vs. cars

According to recent studies and reports, it has been established that a moped that is as cheap as ₤750 can be expected to last for about 20,000 miles before needing repairs. Similarly, it is expected of a ₤20,000 car, for instance, to start needing repairs around the 100,000-mile mark. However, these are merely approximate figures, and depending on your mileage, these figures may vary. But from these estimated figures, it is clearly evident that mopeds are relatively cheaper. Although you might want to consider the significant difference in the mile marks of the two, even if you multiply the ₤750 by five, since that is how many more miles we’re considering for the car, we still get ₤3,750, which is a lot cheaper than the car. Furthermore, a 50cc moped has the capacity to get about 100 MPG, which is significant savings over the typical gas mileage of a car. Additionally, the licenses and insurance policies required for mopeds in the UK are neither stringent nor expensive to procure. Unlike car insurance and licenses, you don’t need to spend so much or go through rigorous processes before riding a moped. From these facts, it is clearly evident that mopeds are cheaper than cars.

Maintenance requirements

Due to the simplicity of mopeds, and of course, the sophistication of cars, it is not surprising to find out that mopeds practically require a lesser amount of maintenance than cars. While cars have got several components and elements to grease, oil, fuel, repair, and fix, there are just a few parts of mopeds that require constant attention. But that’s not even all. The costs of repairing cars – in the event of a breakdown, fault, or damages – are far greater than that of mopeds.


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