Four exciting new trends for restaurant startups

restaurantPlanning to open a brand-new restaurant? Then you can’t afford not to find out about all the hottest trends that are bound to attract hungry customers. Sure enough, diners will be interested in your restaurant if you offer a varied menu at reasonable prices, but they want a nice ambience, a fun theme, and cutting-edge trends as well. Buy restaurant booths that will make your customers want to get cozy and stick around for hours. In Virginia, there are almost 15,000 other restaurants that you’ll be competing with, so make your establishment a place where customers flock to and come back time and again. Here are four exciting trends that every budding Virginia based restaurateur should know about.

  1. Partnering with Food Delivery Services

Not all people want to make the drive to nearby restaurants and then sit down to enjoy their meals. As dining out becomes more popular with millennials, restaurants have been doing more to make completing takeout orders easier. Services such as UberEats make it possible for restaurants to get more business while diners get more delivery options. See if you can partner with one of these convenient delivery services to keep your operating costs lower while still meeting the needs of customers.

  1. Smartphone Payment Capabilities

Most new restaurants don’t even try to open for business until they have secured a credit card processor. Cash is considering passé in the restaurant industry as paying for meals with credit cards is seen as faster and more convenient for customers. There are also payment options that link to customers’ smartphones enabling them to pay on the go within seconds. You would need to invest in payment tools that are capable of scanning these smartphone-based payment options, but you will also get more customers in, out, and completely satisfied.

  1. Vegan Friendly Menus

Think having vegetarian meals is important? Well, now veganism is an even hotter trend that will require you to ensure that your restaurant’s menu has plenty of options that are completely meat and animal by-product free. From vegan burgers to vegan desserts, new restaurants that become popular with diners have lots of options for vegans, vegetarians, pescatarians, and even raw vegans.

  1. Farm Fresh and Sustainable Food Choices

The general public has not only stepped away from the fast food industry, it has also become aware of the way that food products are processed. Health and environmental diners appreciate restaurants that offer farm fresh menus. This basically just means that you get your ingredients from local farms and food sources that use fewer steroids and chemicals during the food production process. Ingredients are likely to taste fresher and better. Advertise a menu that includes high quality ingredients by sourcing all ingredients from smaller, independent vendors.

Building a new restaurant is fun, from the beginning stages until the day of your grand opening. At the same time, you have to be aware of what customers want and you also need to meet their demands. Use these trends to get the attention of diners but also highlight your restaurant’s originality.

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