Does the Martingale roulette system work?

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If you play roulette online or at a land-based casino, you already know this is a game based entirely on luck. So, why do some people believe that using a betting system can help you win? The reality is no betting system can give you are better chance of winning roulette because it is a game of pure luck. With that in mind, does that mean you should avoid the Martingale system completely?

Not quite and below we will explain why, while also giving you all the details of the Martingale roulette system. If you are looking for the best betting options for roulette, casino games, or sports betting, 1xbet promo code is a good choice. But you are here for info on the Martingale betting system, so let’s get started.

Beginners guide to the Martingale system

Amongst the many betting strategies for roulette, the Martingale is arguably the best. It is probably the easiest to understand and implement, while the logic behind the system makes sense. However, let’s be clear, just because it makes sense in theory, a lot of factors go into the Martingale working in practice.

In fact, so many factors that it is unlikely the Martingale will work for you. It can work in principle, but the chances are small unless you have an unlimited bankroll. And never forget that no betting system – the Martingale included – can guarantee wins when playing online roulette. Furthermore, no system can increase your chances of winning… each spin of the roulette when is decided by random chance.

What is the Martingale roulette system?

What the Martingale can do is give you more fun when playing roulette, allowing you to apply a strategy to the game. If the system goes well, it can also help you to have a bankroll that lasts longer.

The Martingale is a system that relies on you (the player) making even money bets when playing roulette. These are the so-called 50/50 wagers (Odd/Even, Red/Black or numbers 1-18/19-36) although they are not really 50/50. In fact because of the zero pocket on the roulette wheel, these even money bets give you are 48.7% chance of winning and not 50%.

Either way, the Martingale system states you bet the lowest possible amount on an even money bet. You keep betting this amount if you win a round and keep wagering the same bet value until you lose. This makes sense because on each win you get back what you bet and a little profit. You put the small profit to one side and then re-bet the original amount.

So, what happens when you lose? Well, whenever you lose when using the Martingale system, you should double your wager on the next bet. This means if you win following a doubling of your bet, you get more profit back. You must double your bet on every loss, even consecutive losses.

Should you use the Martingale?

Not if you are looking for guaranteed wins, something that is impossible in roulette. The only reason to use the Martingale betting system is to have some fund with betting strategies. Remember, it does not increase your chances of winning.

It can also become catastrophic to your bankroll. Imagine you hit a losing streak, which can happen often at a casino. So, you start out with a 1 unit wager using the Martingale system and lose 10 roulette rounds in a row, doubling your bet on each subsequent round (per the rules of the Martingale).

By the end of that 10 round losing streak, your final wager would be 512 units. If those units are dollars, your first bet would be $1 and your last $512, without ever landing a win. In other words, you would lost $512 and your wagers. Now, if you have the bankroll to continue you could win the next round and make a small profit, but really it is not worth the risk.

Story by Maria Taylor

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