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City of Waynesboro updates progress on snow removal

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Snow removal crews in the City of Waynesboro have opened all primary, secondary and snow access routes, and are now working on plowing residential areas.

Snow clearing begins with primary roads as the first priority (such as Rosser Avenue, Lyndhurst Road, Delphine Avenue, Main Street, Broad Street, Lew DeWitt Boulevard, Ivy Street.  Secondary roads (such as Hopeman Parkway, 13th Street, Meadowbrook Road, Vedette Avenue) are cleared as snowfall rates allow.

Snow access routes (multiple roads in residential areas that connect as a direct path to secondary and primary roads) are plowed after secondary and primary roads are completed, and before residential subdivisions are started.

Residential roads are plowed when snow accumulation is 6″ or more and follow in order of areas (see Snow Removal Map link below).

You may call the pre-recorded Snow Hotline at (540) 932-8240 or Public Works Operations at (540) 942-6743.

Here is the link directly to the Snow Removal Services page on Public Works: Snow Removal Maps. You can find your area on the map to track snow removal progress.

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