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But it’s the mob part to the 2As, Tea Party, that is the whole point

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You don’t want somebody to say you were a part of a mob, then don’t be part of a mob.

This is about a reader who was upset with the characterization of the three-hour-long intimidation of Waynesboro City Council Monday night.

Specifically, the multiple references to the guns-for-all folks being a mob.

So, what, it wasn’t?

That’s how this whole thing has worked.

We keep hearing about how more than 100 counties, cities and towns have passed Second Amendment sanctuary resolutions at the behest of a Northern Virginia gun-rights group.

This, in a state where 57 percent of us back a ban on assault weapons, 82 percent back red-flag laws, 83 percent are in favor of making gun-show sales subject to background checks.

With those large supermajorities backing sensible gun reform, you wonder how it is that more than 100 counties, cities and towns are declaring themselves Second Amendment sanctuaries.

You know how.

Rile up the guns-for-all people into thinking that the government is coming for their guns, use social media to get them to the local government meeting, bully anyone who tries to speak on the side of common sense, rinse, repeat.

It’s not unlike what the hired guns did back in 2010 to whip the dolts into a frenzy over healthcare reform.

Remember how the good ol’ Tea Party got started?

Yeah, it was corporate-driven, but the lemmings who volunteered as foot soldiers didn’t know that, or care.

It was about owning the libs to them, and look at what you guys got for your hard work there.

Funny thing about the Tea Party and healthcare: the people in the crosshairs today in terms of the healthcare system screwing people are, well, y’all.

More likely to not have health insurance, more likely, if you do have health insurance, to have high deductibles that make what you have worthless.

Congratulations, on that, but, yes, you owned the libs, and the psychic satisfaction there is worth a few years off the end of your life.

And now your panties are in a bunch over your guns.

Well, bless your hearts.

Bad news, though: the General Assembly is going to pass gun control laws, and all the efforts to bully local governments into passing Second Amendment sanctuary resolutions in the world won’t change that.

I’d say thanks for trying, but I wouldn’t mean it.

Story by Chris Graham

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