youngkins department of education rolls out rollback of transgender student protections
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Youngkin’s Department of Education rolls out rollback of transgender student protections

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Glenn Youngkin stoked the anger of social conservatives over the moves toward LGBTQ+ inclusivity in Virginia’s K-12 public schools during his run for governor last year.

The receipts came on Friday when the Youngkin administration quietly released rewritten “model policies” for the treatment of transgender students that would roll back equal protections enacted under former Gov. Ralph Northam last year.

The new “model policies” are the work of the Virginia Department of Education, for the next couple of years under the thumb of the American Taliban, which posted among its proposals items addressing the use of bathrooms and locker rooms, participation in sports and names and pronouns.

These “model policies” define a transgender student as “a public-school student whose parent has requested in writing, due to their child’s persistent and sincere belief that his or her gender differs from his or her sex, that their child be identified while at school.”

The proposed policies also state that the legal name and sex of a student can’t be changed “even upon written instruction of a parent or eligible student” without an official legal document or court order.

And then this kicker: teachers and other school officials can only refer to a student by their pronouns associated with their sex at birth.

And the adults employed and paid by your tax dollars also don’t have to refer to a student’s preferred names regardless of paperwork if they feel doing so “would violate their constitutionally protected rights.”

The “model policies,” thus, would tilt the scales toward bending over backwards to making sure that snowflake adults don’t have to get their fee-fees hurt having to call kids by their actual names and use their actual pronouns at the expense of what this does to the kids that they’re supposedly there to educate.

With a straight face, the Department of Education, under the “Purpose” section of these new “model policies,” wrote that the “2021 Model Policies promoted a specific viewpoint aimed at achieving cultural and social transformation in schools,” as if these new 2022 “model policies” don’t promote “a specific viewpoint aimed at achieving cultural and social transformation in schools.”

You can see why this was quietly dropped late Friday. The quiet late Friday news dump is a time-honored tradition in the government business when you hope people looking forward to the weekend will somehow miss the news that you kinda don’t want them to see.

There was still plenty of virtual ink devoted over the weekend to this bit of outright gender-orientation hatred disguised as “model policies,” which are subject to a 30-day public comment period that begins later this month, but almost certainly will be adopted pretty much in the current form when the time comes.

In any case, you can go on the record on the proposed policies the Virginia Regulatory Town Hall website.

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