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Why do people move to Virginia from other states?

All US states have a certain appeal to them. Each one offers unique benefits and can captivate your attention for a number of reasons. However, out of the 50 states that America offers, how do you know which one to choose? A good rule of thumb to take into consideration is as follows: if a great number of people flock to one particular place, chances are that they have a solid reason for doing so. Thus, the question imposes itself: why do people move to Virginia from other states? We did our best to provide an answer in the following few lines.

Virginia as a state

Back in 1607, the London Company docked their ships on the soil of America, for the purpose of establishing the first permanent New World English colony. The name they bestowed on it was the Colony of Virginia. It has since been renamed the Commonwealth of Virginia. The Blue Ridge Mountains and the Chesapeake Bay greatly affect the state’s geography and climate. Being that Virginia is positioned between the Atlantic Coast and the Appalachian Mountains, its climate is humid subtropical and becomes increasingly warmer and more humid farther south and east. Richmond is the Commonwealth’s capital, while Virginia Beach is its most populous city.

Cost of living

Home values (and prices) in the Commonwealth are higher than the national average. This factor may be one of the downsides of Virginia living. Whether you plan on renting or buying your home, you will need to allocate a considerable sum. Groceries also tend to be on the costly side. Knowing this, one must wonder why people move to Virginia?

Virginia is great for people who enjoy the beauty of each season

The average winter temperature in this state is 27 °F, while summers can be as hot as 89 °F. And if that’s not enough, fall will definitely sweep you off your feet. Yellow and rusty colors cover the Blue Ridge Mountains, while the temperature and wind are just right. Every hiking trip will turn into a memorable exploration of nature’s true beauty. Virginia is also rich with rivers, all the while having access to the Atlantic Ocean. This opens a door to a number of activities for you and your family.

Having that no season is particularly extreme, you can choose to move at any given time. This makes the job of finding a  moving company much simpler. If you need assistance with packing fragile items and other items for your move, don’t restrain from turning to reliable experts in the field. You can, instead, concentrate on the wonderful time ahead of you.

People move to Virginia for the quality of its health care system

With more than 90 hospitals across the state, Virginia offers accessibility of health care to anyone in need. One of the more notable examples is Inova Fairfax Hospital. It is the biggest healthcare institution in the entire Washington Metropolitan Area. University of Virginia Medical Center is also the added benefit of Virginia health care system, having that it is highly ranked in endocrinology. Besides that, Virginia can also boast about its physician to patient ratio. With 130 doctors per 10 thousand patients, this state has one of the best proportions in the entire US. In addition, health insurance premiums in Virginia seem to be on the rise. Between the years of 2015 and 2016, premiums for the second-lowest-cost Silver plans on the Health Insurance Marketplace in Richmond rose 10.8%.

With its health care system being amongst the country’s best, it’s no wonder people move to Virginia so often.

A sustainable economy is one of the added benefits to Virginia living

The data from the U.S. Census Bureau has shown that the state of Virginia has four out of the nation’s ten richest counties. Loudon County is the most prosperous, while Falls Church County and Fairfax County are not too far behind. The median house income in Loudon County is as high as $120.000 per year. The proper management of all budget shortfalls is responsible for such a pleasant outcome. It’s not that Virginia was immune to the economic crashes. The state economy was simply able to withstand even the most severe of those cases. Thus, the Commonwealth of Virginia can boast about better-than-average public services.

The thriving job market is ever inviting

If you are finding reasons to move to Virginia, this just might be it. The official statistics show that the unemployment rate in this state is currently below 4%. This is lower than the national average. The leading job sectors include:

  • agriculture
  • provision of services
  • entrepreneurship
  • military service

In addition, moving your business facilities with ease is now more available than ever. With an abundance of quality moving companies in Virginia, you will have little to worry about. Experienced professionals will take care of every aspect of your relocation, including packing, transferring and unloading every item that you desire.

There is no lack of great educational opportunities

The quality of education and the overall student performance in the state of Virginia is deserving of the praise it gets. National Assessment of Educational Progress acknowledges Virginia’s educational system as one of the best in the country. The graduation rate almost sets a record at 86%. However, that’s not where the advantages of the educational system end. Virginia is home to almost 200 higher educational establishments. The University of Virginia, the Virginia Tech, and the College of William and Mary are the most notable ones. All of them are ranked in the top 40 public colleges and universities in the United State.

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