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Uncovered: The top 21 gambling movies of all time

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As online gambling booms in popularity, players across the globe are getting increasingly involved in what is a thrilling industry.

This is partly down to casinos being documented extensively in movies. Nowhere has the glamour of this world been shown off better than in our top films. From legendary cinema to contemporary hits, film buffs everywhere have enjoyed some amazing casino movies down the decades.

Now, modern research has shown the top 21 gambling movies of all time. The list has brought up some truly amazing results.

In this article, we will be taking a peek at the top 21 gambling movies, offering an in depth look at the top movies of the lot.

Without further ado, let’s get going with a look at the finest gambling movies ever made.

How the top 21 gambling movies list was created

Before we start, a small look at how the top 21 gambling films list was created.

The top 21 gambling movies by NewCasinoSites data combines standard movie scores from top sources IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes to offer an in-depth final score. This is then compared with the rank of other gambling films to create a league of the 21 top casino movies of all time.

A look at the top 21 gambling movies

The winning movie was Casino Royale (2006), which won with a huge score of 87 percent. Daniel Craig’s initial outing as James Bond, this film shows what many would agree is the most stunning gambling part of a movie ever as Craig battles against Mads Mikkelsen’s evil Le Chiffre at a swanky poker table. Loved by fans as a legendary Bond flick, Casino Royale is also known for its amazing chases and clothing as well as plenty of gadgets, as you might expect.

Mr Lucky (1943) clocked in at number two on the collection of the top 21 gambling films. An absolute classic gambling film from H.C. Potter, Mr Lucky has Cary Grant in the main role. Though close to eighty years old, this is a top gambling movie that is a brilliant piece of golden cinema in the casino environment.

Number three in the collection of the top 21 gambling movies was a surprise for many, with Rounder (1998) offering up some plaudits. With a top cast that has Matt Damon, Ed Norton and John Malkovich, this movie is beloved by of gambling movies. If you have not enjoyed this film, why not try it out?

Some more of the top 21 gambling movies

The top trio of movies on the league of the top 21 gambling films creates some unique results. There is no lack of top-notch films listed on the rest of the table either.

Casino (1995) clocked in at fifth on the table with a rank of 80.50 percent. A beloved Scorsese mob flick detailing the rise of Samuel ‘Ace’ Rothstein in the unique zone of Las Vegas casinos, this film is adored for its top script, amazing clothes and high drama starring Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci and Sharon Stone.

Other moves on the list included Ocean’s Eleven, The Colour of Money and The Hangover which came in high in the final table.

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