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Today in TrumpWorld: Still wants to buy Greenland

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Somehow, our president thinks you can just buy countries, like this is 1803 or something.

The gaffe here in discussing the just dumb idea being floated by President Trump is breaking down its supposed merits.

But, but, but, you know, Greenland is rich in natural resources, has all this water, offers strategic advantages in terms of military operations.

This is all true now without floating the asinine notion that the U.S. needs to “buy” Greenland.

The military outpost angle is already something that we have in our back pocket.

The natural resources angle: maybe we consider improving relations to the point where American companies can forge economic relationships with Greenland and Denmark to everyone’s benefit?

A crazy suggestion there, I know.

Because, you can just buy things.

What would you expect from somebody who has exactly no experience in real-world business or politics to think on something like this?

He’s a brand disguised as a real-estate tycoon.

You give him too much credit when you think this through to the resources and military angles, honestly.

What he was thinking when he first threw out this dumb idea: hotels.

We can build hotels there.


He hears the word “Greenland,” and he thinks, all that green land, all that water surrounding it, we can build hotels.

Oh, and golf courses.

Actually, him getting us out of Paris is going to help make an actually green Greenland a reality sooner rather than later.

He doesn’t get credit for that, though.

You don’t give a guy credit for wrecking the planet.

Holy bejeezus, this guy.

Column by Chris Graham

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