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The best podcasts to listen to right now


2020 was the year that we all realized we had so much time to kill, due to the pandemic. However now in 2021, there is not much difference due to continuous on and off lockdowns that are occurring internationally. Podcasts have been a moment for us to connect within conversations virtually, and also be able to learn about subjects that we are passionate about overall. If there is anything we should do this lockdown, it would be to grow and hone in on our skills and knowledge base, right? Podcasts are the most efficient way to do that by the way.

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Daily Stoic

This podcast is a great one to add to your list of things to listen to. It’s really motivating and gets you in the frame of mind where you feel invincible. Believe it or not, these podcasts are mostly only 3-5 minutes long, unless they get a guest on their episode. The reason why most of the time they are super short, is because their aim is to provide that quick burst of knowledge and motivation, when it comes to your day. You do not need to invest a large amount of your time, to improve your daily habits, as we all know time equates to money, and this podcast really emphasizes that. All the amazing stoic philosophers are mentioned within each episode, with an extract to their writings and teachings, and how you can go about applying such teachings positively to your everyday life. If you are looking to invest your time in something short but useful, Daily Stoic should be at the top of your list.

Feeling Free

Feeling Free is a podcast by a fear alchemist, who has built his career around the meaning of fear within our everyday lives, and how fear actually can set you free as it pinpoints your weaknesses and a moment to overcome those. Ben has advocated the idea within his podcasts that, if you have a love affair with fear, you will eventually see it as a testament of pending opportunities-all you need to do is trust in your inner self and value the will and possibility of you surpassing it and ultimately growing!

While fear is a basic human emotion and prerequisite of life, Ben has really managed to explore the many scenarios where fear is key and saturated. If you are seriously looking to expand your way of thought, and how you view things in your life, see this podcast as your next go-to. This is particularly perfect for those that really like Brene Brown, and her concepts of vulnerability.

Dare to Lead

Linking back to Brene Brown, and the leader that she is, this is her own podcast and yes, if you know of who she is, you will know that she has a book with the exact same title. Dare to lead will inspire you massively, as Brene brings on guests that really help you envision what defines a true leader. Many of us often think that to lead, is not to have vulnerabilities, but in fact it is quite the opposite. To lead in your own life, you need to embrace your stripes, understand what you are, have compassion for yourself and be brave with the moves you are about to make. Often, we see our weakness as a limit to our potential, yet Brene explores why that thought is the most harmful thing we can do to ourselves. This podcast is perfect for your morning, accompanied with that cup of coffee.

WE Well-Being Podcast

What lockdown has taught us very openly and obviously, is our relationship with our health and wellness in general, has been severely affected by the stigmas of society. Within this podcast, you will join the host Sophie Gregoire, who will inform you of her journeys she has had with her own battles when it comes to her demons of eating disorders and mental health. While she explores the bigger picture of wellness within society, she brings in many experts, celebrities who discuss their own journey’s research and understanding of big topics in civilization today, such as Mental Health. If you personally have been struggling with issues such as mental wellness, make sure you check this series out, and let it positively impact your life moving forward during and post lockdown.

Beautiful Anonymous

Hey, if you are into storytelling, and all that comes with it, you will come to realize that this podcast is what you are missing out on in your life. Host Chris Gethard invites his audience to explore the humorous stories of being beautifully human. These stories cut out the social media picture perfect life, and embrace everything to the art of living. Be it heart-warming stories, some light-hearted laughter, to even incredibly zen and moving scenarios, where real-life people have conquered the wilderness of life and have really managed to come through from the foundation of their principles.

The Murder Squad

The Murder Squad is the perfect crime podcast, for those that enjoy solving mysteries and think themselves a budding detective in the making. Join the investigative host Paul Holes, and crime journalist Billy Jensen, as they explore some of the cold cases in the world that have not yet been solved and just left on the back burner. Also, it is worth mentioning that you do not need to stay quiet throughout by the way. In fact, you will be able to interact and send in your theories via email, which can be commented upon and replied to, by the hosts.

Of course, murder is nothing light-hearted to enjoy, but crime often leaves us contemplating and wondering. So, if you are the kind to watch crime related Netflix series, this will most certainly be a good thing to hop onto. Take our word for it.


This podcast is brought directly to you by the New York Time, and it goes straight into the huge topic and impact of being Black within America. While we are so used to seeing such pressing matters across the media, this five-part podcast series aims to examine all the fragments of history, with particular focus to slavery and the courses of history until today with the controversy that surrounds George Floyd and the series of unrest that followed all around the world, following his passing.

The Lazy Genius

To all those that find being a human particularly hard, especially being officially an adult when you move out of your parents and have to face the world alone, this podcast breaks down everything into fragmented useful pieces of information. You will find that all the hacks, tips and tricks available for when you feel down and blue, will certainly give you the nudge you need to keep going. Topics looked at here, include how to organize your life, things you need to know if you are looking to buy a home, in addition to political movements that you are probably not clued up on, but should know about. Call this your survival guide, as you will come to see how it really is.

Becoming Wise

Becoming Wise is another lifestyle podcast, yet this one is more deeper and more inquisitive, meaning it is pretty much perfect for those looking to ease into their day in the morning, with some tea or coffee. Topics mentioned here are pretty large when it comes to self-development, meaning you can expect well known leaders like Brene Brown and John Lewis. Each chat will have you going away with a new-found sense of information and understanding, when it comes to the principles of life and maneuvering through it. It most definitely is a good one if you are looking to develop yourself in the world.

Story by Jack Holmes

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