Shenandoah University implements new grading policy

shenandoah universityShenandoah University is adopting a Pass/No Credit grading policy for the spring 2020 academic semester.

In light of the disruption due to the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), faculty will record traditional letter grades, but students will receive either a “P” (Pass) grade or “CN” (COVID-19 No Grade) notation on their transcripts. Students who receive a “P” will receive full course credit. Students who receive a “CN” will not receive course credit. “P” and “CN” grades do not carry grade points and will not affect GPA. The grade cutoff for a “P” will be “D” for undergraduate classes and “C” for graduate classes.

Students who want their “P” grade to be converted to a letter grade can make a request to the registrar’s office by June 1. The letter grade will carry grade points and will be calculated into the GPA. Students can choose for which classes they wish to have a letter grade. In addition, the withdrawal deadline will be delayed two weeks to April 22, 2020.

“We are using Pass/No Credit because it sends the message that grades are not the most important thing at this time,” said Provost Adrienne Bloss, Ph.D. “Students’ ability to manage their lives and their stress is more important than their specific grades. Students who want or need letter grades on their transcripts will have that option.”

SAT/ACT Not Required For Applicants

Effective immediately, Shenandoah is no longer requiring its spring and fall 2020 applicants, along with its fall 2021 applicants, to submit SAT or ACT test scores in order to gain admission. This is due to the challenges presented by the coronavirus. If the university already has a student’s high school transcript, officials will move forward in reviewing the application holistically and will make a decision based upon what has been provided.

Students who have not yet sent in their transcript should request that it be sent electronically to the Shenandoah admissions office. If a student’s school counseling office is not able to do that right now, the university asks that students please contact their Shenandoah admissions counselor, whose information is available at

Also, applicants may continue to reach out via or 540-665-4581.

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