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Top 5 gambling myths debunked

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As the online gambling industry continues to grow steadily, more and more strange rumors begin to circle the internet. Some of these are made to simply confuse or scare the fans of online casinos. Others are a product of poorly informed internet preachers whose fake definitions spread faster than any good news ever could. No matter what brings them into existence, there are many myths about gambling and we’re going to debunk them in this article.

1. Online Gambling is Against the Law

This is for sure one of the most common myths about online gambling. For some reason, people think that there’s something utterly wrong with people playing their favorite games of luck and using their own real money while doing so. Perhaps that’s why they assume that such an activity must be illegal. Little do they know that this widely accepted pastime is perfectly legal in a great majority of countries worldwide.

The countries that ban all forms of gambling are exceptionally rare. Even the Islamic countries in the Middle East are not against absolutely all kinds of gambling.

2. Online Casino Games Are Rigged

If you visit some of the most popular online forums dedicated to gambling, you might witness frequent discussions about the fairness of casino games. Some angry and disappointed bettor who just had a bad day is very likely to claim that all casino games are fixed. However, those who are familiar with this topic know that every game has its RTP (Return to Player). This is one of the things that may determine the amount of money you can win from a certain game.

Also, all online casino games are controlled by the RNG (Random Number Generator) and no one can predict the outcome of a single game. This is a complex mathematical algorithm used by top-notch processors that are a thousand times faster than any human brain.

3. Slots Favorize Small Bets

So many online slot players claim that you can win in slot games only if you play it small. They think that every slot game is set to allow only small bets to win because that’s better for the House. This is completely false and the reason is the already mentioned Random Number Generator. We simply cannot predict what’s going to happen next because these processors are way faster than we’ll ever be.

4. It’s Not Safe to Gamble in Online Casinos

Many inexperienced players think they are not safe when they gamble in online casinos. There’s no other way to explain this assumption than with paranoia. Fortunately, all good online casinos use some of the latest encryption technologies and security algorithms and they guarantee the safety of all your personal and financial data at all times. Most online casinos such as SkyCity Casino collaborate with some of the giants of the money processing industry.

This means that while you’re gambling online, your money is monitored by brands like Visa, Mastercard, Skrill, PayPal, Neteller, and so on. If so many millionaires have nothing against these companies, you have nothing to be afraid of neither.

5. Luck Is the Only Factor

Many bettors think online gambling is all about luck. This is probably because they have never tried applying any strategies. Every game can be played in two ways. You can play to have fun or you can play to win and profit. If your goal is profit, you need to carefully plan your actions. You need to stick with your plan and never rush things. Patience and tactics are the keys to this popular pastime.


As you can see, misconceptions are a common thing in the unpredictable and ever-changing world of online gambling. Rumors spread quickly and after they’re accepted as truths, it might be difficult to convince people otherwise. Luckily, you read this article and that’s something. Talk to your friends and help them realize that not everything they read on the internet is true.

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