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Brick-and-mortar casinos vs. online casinos

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The last decade has been an exciting one for the gambling industry worldwide; so many advancements have been made, and it all looks like we’re just getting started. One of the biggest inventions that made the industry more competitive is the introduction of online betting, which has now overtaken the land-based casino scene. The COVID-19 pandemic only made the online gambling world bigger, and with it, more discoveries were made that are expected to make gamblers happier.

This article looks at the differences between these two forms of gambling.

Online casinos

Here’s why you want to play at online casinos.


Since there are so many online gaming options, casinos use incentives to pull players. Gambling sites have similar rewards that are targeted at new players that include loyalty programs. You will receive a welcome bonus when you sign up at an online casino Slovakia that could be followed up by free spins for slots. You could also get a bonus for choosing a specified payment option. Rewards are common at online casinos as they target new and existing players. They are usually tied to some conditions that are always mentioned under the T&Cs, so you may want to read what is expected of you before accepting an offer.


The tech advancements that have made life easier are the same applications that make the gaming industry more enjoyable. From the comfort of your couch, you can access thousands of games with different bet sizes and Returns-to-Player. Live gaming sessions make it feel like you are at a land-based casino, playing with fellow gamers. Mobile apps make it possible to access games even when you are offline, and the latest mobile compatibility only makes this industry more popular among the youth. The fact that you don’t have to leave the house to play for real money is a game-changer.

Innovative payment options

With so many eWallet options on the market, players can deposit money from their banks to their casino accounts efficiently through their mobile devices. These methods are safe, easy to use, and cheaper than bank transfers.

A wide game variety

You cannot compare the game Variety you have at an inline casino with that of land-based settings. Developers spend lots of time on slots, coming up with new themes and varieties that have a way of bringing in new players easily since they are easy to play and sell. This variety keeps players coming back.

The downside

Freedom to play at any place and time is not always the best thing, as many people have slowly developed a gambling addiction. If you cannot control your gaming and expenditure, you may find yourself spending too much time and resources gambling through your phone. The other factor to consider is that the online experience will never really feel like the real deal when you have been to a land-based casino.

Land-based casinos

The land-based gambling scene has been around for many years, so many that some older people only recognize his form of gambling. Many younger gamblers haven’t experienced real-life casinos, so they could rush to dismiss them, but they are worth a try for the reasons below.

Lively company

You don’t have to bring your friends to Vegas with you, but you are very likely to make some while there. Just like meeting people at the club, the casino becomes a meet-up hub for like-minded people that play together and end up becoming friends or opponents. You learn from seasoned players and even participate in tournaments when they are organized. If gambling is a form of escape for you, you will enjoy meeting fellow gamblers in person.

Real dealers

Working with online dealers is fun, but it doesn’t beat chatting with one in real life and even watching them work. You will be right there when they spin the wheel and even witness when the winner is selected, which is more thrilling than waiting for RNG technology to do its job.

Slot machines and tables for gaming

There are so many slot options at online sites, but it would be thrilling playing from the original machines once in a while. You get these and more at a land-based casino where the machines are right there for you to insert coins and wait for the outcome.

Tests your resolve

Whenever you have to get more cash to place bets, you have to walk to the cashier. This trip could help you decide whether or not the extra expenditure is worth it. You will also be holding money/chips in your hands, making you want to think twice about an expenditure. When you sit down to play at the tables with strangers, you have more time to think about your next move or learn from those made by your opponents.

The downside

It is not all roses here since players have to get to the actual casino to play. If you are not crazy about crowds and loud music, this form of gambling will not do it for you. You are also likely to spend more since there are drinks and food here, and the hosts are quite good at getting you to open your wallet. The games are not as varied as at an online casino because you can only have so many slot players leave their spots. You are likely to be influenced into betting more than your limit when you really think of it, thanks to the company and dealers’ persuasive language.

Which do you prefer?

Before the pandemic, gatherings were the norm. This changed for a while, but now the world is getting back to how it was before, so land-based gambling houses are likely to get back to business. If you are a die-hard fan of online gaming, you may want to try land-based settings for a change just to see what the fuss is all about. The same applies to those who gamble at land-based casinos only. They have different experiences to offer, and you have the chance to sample both.

Story by Octav Brenson



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