Does DA matter to my business success?

All SEO professionals are aware of the concept of domain authority. Though, whether or not a high DA contributes to the success of your business has always been a topic of debate.

There are two aspects to consider here, contribution to the business and contribution to search results. And, we all know that these are not the same thing.

So, ask yourself; what is your specific goal? Do you want to increase your business or your current goal is to fare better in search results?

As such for online businesses, the success is mainly through search results. But, search rankings do not matter equally to all types of businesses.

However, you will find SEO experts giving contradicting opinions about the importance of DA in search rankings. But, the fact is that DA does matter. Continue reading to discover how!

  1. High Search Engine Visibility

All of us are struggling against our competitors to get a better search engine ranking compared to them. In this process, when our product or service is similar, we start using the same SEO tactics.

There are several such tactics including link building on the same host sites, targeting the same keywords, and using the same social media platforms for engagement.

Now, when even the keywords are the same, whether your website will appear in the search results before your competitors, is not known. But, you can almost accurately predict it! Yes, so this is where DA matters.

If the DA of your website is higher, despite using the same SEO tactics, you will rank higher compared to your competitor. And, when you are ranking higher, one who is searching for your product or service reaches you before he reaches your competitor. So, a higher DA gives you more visibility to your audience when compared to your competitor. And, we are all craving for better online search visibility ultimately!

  1. Comparison of Performance

You are already running a successful SEO campaign. Well, maybe, this is what you think!

But, does Google also feel the same? What if your competitor is still getting more attention from Google?

The main utility of DA is as a metric. It helps you evaluate the success of your SEO campaigns. And, any such evaluation is never complete without comparing it with that of your competitor. So, let’s view DA as a comparative metric for evaluating yourself and your competitor in terms of search engine performance.

So, putting it directly, if you can increase your DA higher than that of your competitor, you are on the right track!

The comparison is a continuous process. It is also so because DA keeps changing with your search engine performance. So, you can never relax. You must also continue working to maintain a good DA. And, hard work pays!

  1. Type of Business

The importance of DA would vary with the kind of business. An e-commerce business needs a higher DA. Products and services which are liable to be searched online need a higher DA.

Similar is the case with local businesses. Most people search for local services when there is a time crunch or while driving. So, the users generally pick up the top ranking options from the search engine when they can’t waste a lot of time browsing for more options. And, if you are not in this list of the top 5-7, you lose a prospective customer.

With changing times, more and more businesses are going online as the majority of the customers are online now. Nevertheless, you have to be present where your customers are.

So, nowadays, irrespective of the type of business, we want an online presence and visibility. But, you must remember that DA may not matter significantly to certain kinds of businesses, compared to the others. And, such companies need not stress on managing their DA.

A Word of Caution

When you are collecting data for devising strategies for the growth of your business, you should also be aware of the pros and cons of each approach that you have listed. You will have to decide your limits accordingly. It is not feasible to let mistakes happen and then spend your time and money correcting them.

So, when analyzing factors for the success of SEO performance, always remember that most of these are relative and some are specific to your business. Select the ones that match your situation the most.

It is better to not concentrate solely on one factor. And, never overdo even when you have found that one factor that does help your business achieve search engine rankings.


SEO circles are always doubtful about the essence of domain authority in the success of a business. But, there is more to a business than a successful sale.

Every business strives to reach out to the right type of audience. Even if the lead doesn’t finally convert, your reach can bring business to you in the future, be it directly or through referrals.

Thus, believe it or not, even the best SEO service provides cannot ignore DA.

Every SEO expert has his perspective on this matter. And, if we share our knowledge with others, it increases. So, do share your experiences and opinion on this topic.

And, if you like this post, don’t forget to share it on your social media accounts for the benefit of others!

Author Bio

Jin Markov is a Content Writer with, a research firm in the USA. He has an experience of 6 years and has been writing on areas related to SEO and digital marketing.

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