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A closer look at streetwear for 2022

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Whip out those note pads because you’re in for a ride to learn everything that you’ll ever need to know on streetwear. Before the end, your streetwear skills will be through the roof, and in an instant, you’ll be able to know spot the latest trends. So, read on as we dive into everything that you need to know about streetwear.

Where does it come from?

One of the most famous styles around the globe came about only a couple of years ago. The style originated in some of the most well-known neighborhoods that consisted of the working class. The 90’s era led to the constant evolution of the style and is now known as one of the greatest urban creations.

In the olden days, it would have been harder to believe that this work of art would soon be found in just about every closet. In today’s society, streetwear is now widely portrayed in some of the biggest fashion shows. When the style was just taking off, no one knew that it would turn out to be such a hit within the fashion industry.

The origins of streetwear

In the beginning, streetwear was first displayed as either sportswear or casual wear. When compared to the highly-priced hip-hop genre, streetwear was accessible for every income category. However, the line did see some competition in the prices that later diffused as the genre grew.

Streetwear can be seen as far back as the ’80s. Legendary Shawn Stussy the owner of a well-known surf shop began printing state-of-the-art t-shirts. It didn’t take long before bigger brands began adapting the same style for their businesses. Due to the amazing look of the tees, tons of skateboarding fanatics began to sport them.

Some years later, more brands began to take part in the movement and added to the evolving style. Hence, famous Japanese brands and the well-known style A Bathing Ape were born leading to a worldwide trend. Another huge deal came from the Supreme which brought about a pivoting point in the industry.

As such, tons of events were created to foster growth and unbreakable bonds.

The evolution of streetwear

From street to fashion week

With the dawn of an artistic revolution, the urban movement began to blow up even more and in no time at all, it was added to the ever famous fashion week. This led to tons of celebs sporting the style heavily on all social networks. Both luxury brands and top designers soon jumped on the train and were creating their own line of streetwear.

This led to some of the most iconic collections emerging from the likes of Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton, and Gucci. Brands such as these gave streetwear the platform and runway time that it deserved. Streetwear launched the biggest avalanche that the fashion industry has ever seen and it only continues to grow.

Luxury streetwear

At its prime, a new branch of streetwear was formed. Hence, luxury streetwear came and made its mark in the industry. Without saying too much, the luxury branch was classified as the ultimate radical sophistication.

As the genre was left in the hands of top designers, clothing production saw some of the most titled materials being used. With such a change, more and more professionals in the industry began to study streetwear’s design even more closely.

The contributions made by leading brands will never be forgotten since they paved the way for everything we now have to enjoy. The boost from these companies brought hope to smaller companies to follow through with their ideas on the style.

The characteristics of streetwear

If you’ve ever paid close attention to streetwear, you’ll know that there was a decent foundation that created the environment for more. Hence, influencers from just about every industry began giving more meaning to the urban movement. As more and more came together vintage elements were added which served to give a more retro feel.

Not only did mature designs come about because of this but they continued to grow the genre. Hence the urban style was shared in just about every direction and it was widely accepted.

Everyday streetwear style

At one point in development, the limits became blurred and streetwear was now being blended into just about every other clothing style. However, some of the key elements stayed the same. The following are the styles associated with streetwear:


Not so long ago, men’s fashion was left to be a blouse suit. The urban revolution created numerous brands and styles that allow just about everything to be fashionable. Dressing in today’s world allows relaxed clothing to be just as fashionable as something formal. The best sweatshirts can be used with almost any outfit.


If you’ve ever noticed the design of streetwear, you’ll see how great it was at inspiring modernity. Some of the ideas found in this genre allow ingenuity to flourish. The concepts brought about are widely accepted into society and just about everyone can imagine themselves in it.


If it’s one thing with streetwear, you’ll never have to sacrifice comfort for fashion. Unlike corsets and high heels, you’ll never have to limit your movements or activities with streetwear.


Unlike other fashion genres, streetwear meets almost every cultural trend due to its diversity. This allows everyone to mix and match according to their fashion desires. The Otakus and the Gaming community are some of the biggest patrons of streetwear. This in itself has projected the development of specially designed collections just for them.


The true essence of urban fashion has long been a part of a definite set of rules. However, the boundaries for these are continuously tested leading to new and innovative designs and ideas. The likes of minority protection, unisex clothing, and some of the most provocative attitudes have proved that streetwear is a highly progressive trend.

Story by Colton Barter

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