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Useful tools that can help players avoid gambling addiction

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With a large number of players around the world participating in gambling activities, it has become clear that problem gambling is becoming an issue for many people. With mobile technology and tablet devices becoming more and more popular, online gambling is becoming more accessible than ever. Although gambling might be an activity that some players participate in regularly, there are some players who might not know when they need to stop.

It’s easy to lose track of time when gambling and lose track of just how much they have spent. If gambling is already a problem in your life, there are some useful management tools that can help address the issue of problem gambling.

Social media

Technology plays a big part in how people access information. Through mobile and computer tech, people can go on the internet or social media to seek out information, guidance, and resources on problem gambling. Social media can be a vital tool as responsible gambling companies can use it to reach a large number of people. The information put out across various social media includes details on how irresponsible gambling can affect a person’s mental health and lifestyle and also provide useful ways that people can seek help. In the United Kingdom, there is even an annual Safer Gambling Week, whose social media profiles and website provides useful information for UK gamblers.

Self-exclusion programs

These programs are laid out for gamblers to help them shut themselves out from the various gambling websites. Strict adherence to the programs can give positive results in a very short time. Self-exclusion works by teaching gamblers to control their problem gambling habits by avoiding it completely. Some of the positive results from this method include:

  • Reducing the duration and time spent on gambling.
  • Reducing the amount of money spent on gambling.
  • The frequency of gambling reduces significantly.

Gambling management software

As well as self-exclusion programs from online operators, there are also other tools that can help players control their gambling and block themselves from accessing gambling websites. BetBlocker is just one useful tool that is free to use and can help players block themselves from accessing over 13571 gambling websites. Developed by ThePogg, an online casino reviews site, BetBlocker can be used both for self-exclusion or parental control. To help players stick to their self-exclusion, once the tool is activated restrictions cannot be removed until the selected restriction length has expired.

Timeouts & financial limits

When gambling online, there are many different types of limits that players can set themselves, from deposit limits, loss limits, and time-outs. With timeouts, players can remove themselves for a short period of time from a gambling website. For example, players who want to curb their activity can exclude themselves for one day, one week, or even a whole month.

When gambling, it’s always important to bet responsibly and within your budget. To adhere to responsible gambling, players can set themselves financial limits on their online accounts, such as setting a deposit limit. If any of the limits are reached, the player has no choice but to stop gambling until the set period of the financial limitation is over.

To stop gambling from becoming a problem in your life, it’s important to gamble responsibly and know the signs of problem gambling. In Canada, the Responsible Gambling Council provides plenty of useful information that can provide help for problem gambling. Their website provides advice on where to find local help, how to take a break from gambling, how to take control of gambling debt, and much more. Gambling management tools, tech and advice can help players to prevent their gambling habits from getting out of control.

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