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Online casino trends for 2021

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Successful online casino gaming requires both luck and experience, but understanding the industry is equally important. Here’s what 2021 has to offer.

2021 online casino trends: What to expect from the industry

There is no industry today that does not utilize technological advancements to enhance its operation. Therefore, the tendency to benefit from gambling resources on the internet will become even more critical in the coming years. The online casino sector represents one of the most vital areas where better tech equals greater player satisfaction. Online gaming first started in the late 1990s and has been gaining traction ever since.

Nowadays, online gambling has become so widespread that the gambling industry reacts differently to various existing trends emerging from the continuously new technologies. The gap between these evident trends widens steadily, and each trend will either slightly change or completely transform the internet casino market in the future. Check out our complete list of upcoming 2021 trends below.

Five online casino industry trends to shape the market throughout 2021

Several sub-factors will shape 2021 and the next several years with ongoing and never-ending internet gambling changes. These trends include:

  • Blockchain technology-powered payments
  • Increased social responsibility
  • Unrestricted access to gambling services
  • Improvements in casino game testing
  • Groundbreaking technologies reshaping the online casino experience.

Blockchain technologies & payment transformations

Among the more recent virtual casino trends are cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin, etc. Many industry experts refer to these virtual currencies as “fashion money,” but their impact on consumer habits will grow more significant in time.

Cryptocurrencies especially gained traction in the recent couple of years. Due to recognizing the shift in client’s preferences, numerous operators added crypto payment methods in their cashier sections. In addition, virtual currencies provide an entirely anonymous gambling experience, instant transactions, and increased security. Consequently, the certainty of blockchain technologies dominating casino payments in 2021 and beyond is unquestionable.

Increased social responsibility

The online casino industry operates under strict regulations, which frequently feature consistent updates and addendums. Therefore, the new legislation will have two-fold effects: on the one hand, the legal circumstances surrounding the industry will shift. On the other, players will be able to enjoy a new level of socially responsible protection.

For example, predictions indicate an increase in the number and diversity of gambling problem prevention methods. Additionally, the development of social responsibility will also lead to better ways of helping players beetle with addiction and other gambling-related issues.

Simultaneously, punters will be able to socialize through new methods. For instance, future casino operators will offer players the opportunity to frequent interactive virtual rooms and socialize amongst themselves via avatars. Discussing gambling topics, enjoying a drink, or a pleasant chat are typical activities punters partake during such socialization.

Another rising casino trend involving an emphasis on the social component of casino gaming has to do with Live games. 2021 and beyond demonstrates an increasing impact of in-person compared to virtual casino games. As a result, the future is likely to provide more highly developed gaming platforms with live croupiers. These new and improved Live games should be completely bug- and issue-free and provide the highest HD and holographic quality settings.

Unrestricted access to gambling services

Countless recent internet casino industry trends will also continue to benefit from globalization through 2021. This worldwide phenomenon thrives on the wings of technology, which continuously brings together remote parts of the planet. It is no secret that some countries have placed a ban on all types of online wagering. However, globalization provides never-before-seen access to gambling services at your fingertips.

In other words, residents of countries that do not permit online casino gaming can play anonymously and remotely thanks to cryptocurrency- and offshore-friendly operators. The future will hold innovative gaming services available in areas where punting legally does not exist nowadays.

Simultaneously, better connectivity and technological improvements will allow unprecedented access to virtual casinos. Conversely, online operators will breach new markets by adapting more flexibly to national and local legislative requirements.

For example, projections indicate that the much-rumored Starlink technology will bring high-speed internet connectivity to the farthest corners of the globe very soon. Guessing that a significant portion of that connectivity will go towards casino entertainment is a reasonable assumption.

Improvements in casino game testing

Online casino operators regularly undergo independent audits to ensure their RNGs and games are truly random. This procedure is unique to the industry, and all the top-ranked operators display their audit results and auditor identity visibly. Therefore, it stands to reason that independent testing agencies will continue to play a significant role and further improve their services.

RNG or Random Number Generator testing is a process where the auditing company tests a virtual casino game tens of thousands of times to determine the outcome. In other words, the goal of such tests is to determine whether each game outcome occurs randomly and ensure it does not follow any predictable pattern.

Such hard work on the agencies’ part reassures players that a casino’s games – and, by extension, the casino itself – is honest and trustworthy. So when you’re looking for a fairer and safer casino experience, the choice is clear. Seeing that an online operator has successfully tested against any predictable patterns in its gaming offer is the best possible choice.

Groundbreaking technologies reshaping the casino experience

The pace of technological developments and their implementation in online casino gaming is stunningly fast. For instance, VR-based gaming is only in its infancy as a technology, but already there is talk about harnessing VR for internet casino games. Projections indicate this tech could serve to help better control and monitor cheating in blackjack or poker.

Another game-changer in terms of innovative technology that could bring casino gaming to new heights is smartwatch gaming. Smartwatches represent a natural extension of smartphone gaming, with voice command compatibility opening a new gaming dimension.

Alternatively, more and more punters resort to using DIY hologram screens that attach to mobile devices and enhance gameplay. Therein lies great potential for the future of personalized online casino gaming. Developers will indeed find a way to generate value for users with more sophisticated devices in the future.

Story by Derek Gleason

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