newswhy do games of chance make us experience the whole range of emotions

Why do games of chance make us experience the whole range of emotions?

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Games of chance can make people feel a roller coaster of emotions. Among the typical emotions that people experience are excitement, optimism, encouragement, regret, and disappointment. These are just a few ways of how people feel whenever they are playing games of chance.

Any game of chance for the money is called gambling. When you are involved in the gambling process, you will experience the ups and downs, which are always so unpredictable that you can never be ready for them. Sometimes, you start out to feel discouraged but end up winning a lot. Other times, the feeling of optimism drops after a few losses. Let’s look at a few issues about how gambling affects people.

Why Do People Gamble or Play Games of Chance?

The reasons why people are becoming punters and play games of chance are a critical factor in determining the emotions they feel. We all have different personalities. There are several reasons why individuals venture into a game of chance. Here are some of them:

  • People love the feeling of excitement or adrenaline rush from playing these games. Such exciting feelings are accompanied by a strong release of emotions and a person enjoys not only the positive outcome but also the process itself.
  • Some see it as a means of easing stress.
  • Some people want to feel the thrill of taking risks.
  • Several individuals believe that it helps to manage their finances.
  • Others want to do it for competitive reasons.

These factors go a long way to determine how you feel when playing games of chance. For example, if you try to compete with other players, it is only natural for you to feel tense when you are losing. If you play purely for cash, you will feel optimistic about your chances after a winning streak.

How Do You Control Your Emotions While Gambling?

Here are a few keys to control yourself while playing games of chance:

  • It would be best to understand what do you feel

This is an essential key to controlling your emotions. Try to figure out the exact emotion that you are feeling in a specific moment. It is normal to have feelings of anger, excitement, or disappointment. Once you know what you are feeling, don’t let them hinder your thought process. If you deny what you are feeling, especially anger, the result could be unrestrained outbursts.

  • Think good thoughts in your mind

Don’t dwell on negative feelings for a long time. Visualize the cup as being half full instead of seeing it as half empty. If you are on a losing run, a change is just around the corner. Only you are in charge of how you feel. Events in the casino might change within seconds. However, it is up to you to react to these circumstances. If you keep thinking about the negative, you could make poor gambling decisions.

  • Try to spice things up by changing scenery

If you feel stuck or frustrated by one slot machine, go to another one. If you are not satisfied with the dealer’s work, leave that table stand and go somewhere else. If you are playing an online slot, leave the computer to have a cup of coffee. Change activity for a while if you feel that you cannot keep going.


We are all people. It is natural to experience emotions in every situation we face. Nobody can maintain a neutral expression at every moment. That’s why you will feel emotions while playing games of chance. Whenever money is involved, feelings are on the rise. If you win, you will feel happy. When you incur significant losses, it takes a toll on you.

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