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Bitcoin and virtual betting


cryptoCryptocurrency is a digital currency that can be used in purchasing goods, stakes, and services online and uses cryptography for safety reasons. It uses a decentralized ledger to record transactions and issue new units. It does not depend on banks or the government so it operates freely using a key to move records and transactions.

So how does it work?

It uses a Blockchain which is a public ledger that operates and facilitates all transactions as well as tracks businesses and tangible assets digitally.


Bitcoin is another form of digital currency created in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto. It is the pioneer and famous of all digital currencies and is still widely used at present.

Online casino

The online casino is a replica of the land-based casino but is played on the player’s gadget or computer with the aid of the internet. It applies the same rules and the same games but is enhanced digitally thus players can create an avatar or change their environment depending on their liking while playing the same kind of gambling game. Bonuses and perks vary because online casinos offer more benefits compared to physical casinos and their cashback percentages are quite high.

Bitcoin is very much welcome in major online casinos because it is considered to be the safest type of financial transaction and it gives players an opportunity to control their funds. Find out more if you’re interested in it.

Bitcoin in a virtual casino

The online casino business is becoming one of the most lucrative online businesses in the world currently. Statista shows that the online gambling global market reached $ 59 billion in the year 2019 and it is anticipated that it might reach as high as $ 92billion by 2023.

Since this industry involves monetary transactions day in and day out, safety is the top concern to the players and the online casino operators as well which is the reason why the increase of the use of Cryptocurrency, particularly Bitcoin, is proliferating.

The use of bitcoin wallet

Bitcoin wallet is a digital wallet used as the payment method in an online casino for monetary transactions with the site. Bitcoin wallet assures efficient and fast method of financial dealings to both the casino site operator and the player with minimal fees on the part of the latter. Moreover, a Bitcoin wallet is absolutely anonymous. Traditional digital wallets like Paypal and open banking payments such as Trustly still need to be linked to some private information of the owner like personal bank and/or email, bitcoin is extremely private.

Additionally, it is non-taxable so players can enjoy their winnings 100%.

What is the catch of a bitcoin casino?

However convenient Bitcoin may be, there are some minimal catches.

  • The value of Bitcoin sometimes rises and falls depending upon the supply and demand, government regulations, promos, and other factors.
  • Majority of the casino sites accept Bitcoin but there are some who do not. So if you are using cryptocurrency, it is advised to check the site first.
  • Converting cash from bitcoin to real money can be a bit of a hassle since banks do not support any form of cryptocurrency. Bitcoins need to be converted thru fiat currency and only then you can exchange the account to your personal bank account.
  • No country in the world recognizes cryptocurrency as real money.

Final insight

The use of Bitcoin in the online casino ensures the players that their money is perfectly secure and they’ll be able to enjoy all their winnings. However, it is much better to learn more about bitcoin for there are some downsides, especially the possibility of the decline of its value. It is advised to check its declared value before wagering.

Story by Janec Dulo



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