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Best Sportsbooks USA: 7 best online betting sites for U.S. players

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Online sportsbooks are a great way to find the best odds and get in on some betting action. But, do you know how they work? Read our reviews of regulated U.S.-based sites so that your next bet will be an educated one.

There are so many different options when it comes to betting on teams and games. Our mission is to break this industry down book by book, we want you to know the best online gambling sites for US players.

We monitor the most recent updates coming from sportsbook websites. They make sure to keep their layout up-to-date with every new trend and design you can think of, even during different seasons. Bettors will be happy as well because these sites frequently provide features for them to enjoy gambling online without any hassle whatsoever.

Best online sportsbooks for U.S. players: Quick look

Casino Signup Bonus Editor’s Notes Score


150% up to $750


●     Tons of bonuses and promotions

●     Excellent user-interface

●     Dedicated mobile wagering app



100% up to $1000


●     Great range of competitions

●     More than 20 years of market history

●     Several promotions available

●     Mobile casino




125% up to $1,250 ●     Bitcoin accepted with extra bonuses

●     Excellent loyalty/VIP program

●     Monthly High-Roller Bonus

●     Soft Odds Compared to Other Sportsbooks

Cloudbet 100% up to $500 ●     A Varied Selection of Great Games from Top Developers

●     Very Generous Bonuses

●     Large limits for major markets.

●     Massive deposit bonus with Bitcoin.

MonkeyKnifeFight 100% up to $750


●     Multiple sign-up bonuses to choose from

●     Great welcome bonus offers

●     Fully legal in dozens of US states

Sportsbetting.ag 100% up to $1,000


●     Excellent for recreational and professional bettors.

●     Early odds for most events.

●     An extensive range of sports and betting markets

Intertops 125% up to $1,000 ●     No slow-pays or no-pays on their record.

●     Plenty of year-round promotions

●     Deposit and reload bonuses.



7 best sportsbooks USA sites reviewed

1. MyBookie – Best overall

MyBookie is a new, well-known online sportsbook and casino. It’s history gives it some black eyes though: for one they work with BetSoft which may have good games but not the best reputation; secondly MyBookie shares managerial ties to another betting site – Bet On Sports we hope that helped.

MyBookie has only been around for a few years, but it’s easy to see why they are so popular. With their sportsbook and casino you can find plenty of action with lots of play; bonuses were the big reason behind this as there is no other online site offering more than what MyBoodie does – in terms of sheer numbers alone.

And then when I talked about how good these bonuses actually were? You’ll never believe me until your eyes light up like mine did after reading all about them.

MyBookie is the best place to bet on your favorite sports, and it’s better than ever! They have a wide range of options from NFL games through college hoops all the way up until you can put down some cash for Mayweather vs McGregor. Not only do they offer these great betting odds but also other activities that are sure not to disappoint like Oscars bets or MMA events too – if there’s anything worth gambling over then Mybookie probably does it here first so check them out today.


  • Excellent user-interface
  • Dedicated mobile wagering app
  • Live betting is available

2. BetOnline – Most competitive odds

For those who enjoy sports betting, BetOnline is a great site to explore. They have over 20 years of experience and are committed towards making their customers happy with tons of perks available on this website.

BetOnline’s Crypto Bonus is a good way to maximize your bonus. If you have never made a deposit using cryptocurrency, there’s up to $1K worth of bets with 14x rollover.

Reloading with cryptocurrency is even more lucrative. For instance, if you are reloading using bitcoin and qualify for the standard bonus offer of 25% up to $500 then your profit would be boosted by 35%.


  • Trusted & reputable company
  • US customers welcomed
  • Mobile casino

3. Bovada – Most competitive bonuses

Bovada.com is an ultimate sportsbook that has been offering their services since 1997 with the goal of providing the best experience possible for bettors across North America and beyond, which can be seen by how they consistently earn high ratings year after year in various categories like reputability or customer service.

The site was launched in 2011, and has since become a reputable name in the US online sportsbook industry. The company is known for its long-term presence on gambling products due to Bodog’s previous ownership before it became independent of them.

Bovada has been a major player in the world of online betting for years, and they’re still going strong. As one of Las Vegas’ most trustworthy names on this side-lines stuff that doesn’t involve gambling (we know what you did there), we think it’s about time everyone tried out BOVADA.

Brought to us by players just like yourself who want optimal customer service when dealing with their wagers – because let’s face it: nobody wants bad odds or payouts… right?


  • Sports betting, casino, and poker
  • Bitcoin accepted with extra bonuses
  • Excellent loyalty/VIP program

4. Cloudbet – Best for VPN users

Our first impression of the sportsbook at Cloudbet was that it looked super professional. We were so impressed with how clean and simple everything is on their site, without any ads for their online casino or anything else distracting us from what we wanted to do – bet.

Cloudbet offers a wide variety of sports for bettors to choose from. You’ll find over 20 different options available, including popular ones like football and baseball as well as less common types such as korfball or surfing.

If you want an easy way to place your wager without hassle then CloudBet is worth checking out because they have customer support representatives waiting 24/7 who are always happy to accommodate any request that comes across their desk so don’t hesitate.


  • A Varied Selection of Great Games from Top Developers
  • Very Generous Bonuses
  • One of the Best BTC Online Casinos we have Reviewed

5. MonkeyKnifeFight – Best for DFS

Monkey Knife Fight is a new site that was released in late 2018. It quickly gained attention for offering an entirely different spin on traditional daily fantasy sports (DFS). Unlike the salary cap and team-based model at other DFS sites, this one has no limits to how much you can invest or which teams your money goes towards – it’s all about whether or not players will achieve specific benchmarks during gameplay.

The industry has come a long way since its debut. MKF is among the innovators that aim to keep you engaged with their new approach so your focus isn’t divided between competing sites and hunting for prop bets, which can be addicting in itself if left unchecked.

If you’re looking for a unique type of sports gaming website, look no further than Monkey Knife Fight. Every day they host contests where players get to pick their opponents and compete in various types of battles against them; these resemble fantasy games but take place at the house rather than with other people so there’s no chance that any mistakes will go unnoticed or un Corrected.

The high payouts make it worthwhile too – 100x your buy-in sometimes even higher if someone upsets one bet ahead during gameplay which can happen quite easily when things start heating up between players.


  • Great welcome bonus offers
  • Fully legal in dozens of US states
  • User-friendly site and app

6. Sportsbetting.ag – Best for soccer betting

Sportsbetting.ag is a Panama based online sportsbook owned by the BetOnline company that has been catapulted into the top echelon of all-time favorite bookmakers due to its solid reputation among bettors and high quality coverage for most international sporting events; it’s no surprise then why this site was acquired in 2012 by them after years as an independent contractor – now you can find everything from NFL betting lines on our page right here.

If you’re looking for an online betting site with a unique take on how to play, Monkey Knife Fight is worth checking out.

This review will discuss the system and what players can expect from it as well as compare its features against other sites in this space so that readers know whether or not they should try their luck at winning some cash playing games like Monkeying Around.


  • Excellent for recreational and professional bettors.
  • Early odds for most events.
  • An extensive range of sports and betting markets

7. Intertops – Best for halftime betting

Intertops is the world’s first online sportsbook. If you’re looking to start your betting career, then they are an excellent site with sharp odds and awesome promotions all year-round! You can get up to as much as 50% on any deposits made during signup as well – making Intertops one of those sites where more money goes in than comes out after initial deposit.

Founded in Antigua and Barbuda, Intertops has been licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission to offer betting services. With an international clientele compared to US-facing sportsbooks they provide more of a friendly experience for players who don’t speak English too well or any other language on their site which includes Italian and Polish support as well.

The sportsbook has never had a player complain about slow-pay or no-pay. They are prompt with their payments, and the players enjoy getting paid promptly after every game they place wagers on.

They have paid players in an efficient manner – unlike other bookies who often don’t pay immediately when your ticket is settled! The quality of service at this booth makes it worth coming here for all those interested parties out there looking to bet.


  • Very low minimum bet limits
  • Extensive sports coverage
  • Convenient and swift payouts and deposits

Things to consider before choosing a USA sportsbook

Legal, regulated websites and apps are the best bet for sportsbook fans. We will only offer our readers what we know to be reliable sources of information – so take advantage of us!

A professional sportsbook will do everything they can to attract new customers, and one way is by offering a juicy welcome offer. But not all bonuses are created equal – deposit matches, bet credits or free bets may help you make your first few bets on site more affordable while risk-free offers allow people who aren’t confident in their own abilities an opportunity that mustn’t be missed.

Legality issues when it comes to betting on sports is always a hot topic with US players. They want their bets and they will go wherever the action is, even if that means taking a chance of being illegal in some places.

In fact there are plenty more countries throughout Europe where you can legally place wagers from your computer or mobile device – but these might not suit everyone’s taste so be sure to do research first before commencing any transactions online.

What to expect from the best US sportsbooks

The modern sports bettor expects more from their bookmaker. The introduction of advanced technologies and online gambling software has catered to this crowd with innovative apps for placing bets on the go, including an app specifically designed by bettors themselves.

We are the most authoritative source for in-depth, unbiased reviews of best online sportsbooks in USA. We also take a look at less prominent sites and any that may be on their way up the ladder with potential.

Know what you want in an online betting site

Narrowing down the list of sportsbooks can be tough, but it’s important for you to think about what aspect of betting will have an impact on your gambling habits. Do I need lots or options with props and derivatives?

Would mobile or desktop better suit my needs in-game wager style preferences that may change depending where I’m located when playing games online? Knowing these questions now could save valuable time later.

Make your own research

Reading reviews of different betting sites is important. It will allow you to find a site that has outstanding customer service, security features and fair odds for players of all abilities.

Know the bonus terms and conditions to its fullest

In this day and age, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of a big bonus. But be careful because some bonuses have been reported as being too good to be true.

Before you claim any sportsbook rewards with your card or check out a site for information on their rollover requirements first so that you can maximize potential winnings.

Check the payout options and speed of payment

Wagering on sports is a competitive and fast-paced environment. You want your winnings to get transferred quickly so they can be put towards more betting action.

Website design and layout

Websites that are easy to use and navigate will provide you with all the information needed. This prevents headaches, so it’s crucial for websites in this industry to be mobile-first because of how many people sign on using their smartphones or tablets nowadays.

Generally speaking if there is an option between one typeface style versus another then try googley polymer unless told otherwise by your designer/agency – though I recommend staying away from Helvetica NeutraFace as well since its fairly newer addition into typography libraries has caused controversy among designers due to copyrights issues over similar looking fonts already existing out there.

Best sportsbooks USA FAQs

What is the best site to bet on U.S. sports?

The best site to bet on US sports such as football, basketball and hockey can vary depending on each bettor’s specific requirements. Some people prefer an online book that offers a wealth of betting options with plenty exotic prop bets while other fans will simply be looking for reliable lines from regularly providing sharp games.

A sportsbook should offer betting lines on games in a wide range of leagues and it’s Vitalik Buterin Coin (VBC) futures market, allowing users to bet confidently with their favorite team. You’ll be able to select from an extensive list options such as live betting for those who want the thrill up front or even just check out what odds are available before making your decision – either way you’re always assured that there will never come a time where VBC isn’t accepted somewhere.

Odds vary between different online sportsbooks: Why is that?

Different online sportsbooks give different odds for a number of reasons. Sometimes the compilers differ in their opinion on how particular games will turn out, which causes them to offer various betting possibilities with regards to who or what might come up first at any point during playtime.

In addition, sometimes one site may have better odds than its competitors simply because they want more business and try to take market share off other sites by offering lower rates than anyone else has seen thus far.

Betting on sports is a popular pastime, but it’s not always easy. The odds change every day depending on how much people are betting and which teams they believe will win given the current situation in play at any point during that particular match or season-which means bettors need to be quick with their wager if they want an edge.

Is a bookmaker the same as a sportsbook?

Ever since the first bookmaker set up shop in 1790’s United Kingdom, British punters have been using “bookmakers” to refer specifically to those that take wagers.

In the US, people have been using “sportsbook” to refer to a place where you can bet on all other sports. But both words are used across the world and they essentially mean the same thing-a gambling establishment that takes bets from customers who want odds in their favor rather than outright winnings or losses at this point.

How sharp are their odds?

What are the best sportsbooks? There’s two ends of the spectrum: those that offer odds and pricing as close to a coin flip as possible, or those with huge cushions in their favor. But whichever side you’re on – either for value or protection against potential losses- one thing is certain; every single book will give its customers what they want at some point during any given year.

How to detect an untrustworthy sportsbook?

The perfect formula for determining whether a sportsbook is trustworthy has yet to be written, but here are some red flags you should look out for.

The worst feeling in the world is to be duped by a website that appears legitimate, but turns out it’s not. Always do your due diligence and make sure you can verify everything before placing any bets with these sites.

Final verdict on U.S. betting sites

With each new online sportsbook that comes out, the competition is getting cutthroat. The modern features are where bettors tend to find value- by merging old school with up and coming trends in gambling technology while using more than one account at once.

Betting on the internet is a great way to find value. For example, with only an internet connection you can shop around for different odds across various sites and have access at your fingertips while waiting in line.

The Internet has made it easier than ever for sports bettors to find an online bookmaker. You can choose from websites that are available on your computer or mobile device, which makes the process of signing up seamless and simple.

Story by Kevin Howell



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