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In the face of worldwide disasters, The McGrath Foundation is making a difference

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The world is in a scary state of flux these days, with wildfires devastating Australia and earthquakes terrifying Puerto Rico, and the troubles only seem to be starting. Yet, in the face of all of this destruction and all of these disasters, there are helpers. The firefighters and emergency workers that are coming together to do what they can to help stop these disasters, and care for those who have been affected. And, even still, when it seems like the world is slowly eroding underneath all of our feet, still there are people whose worlds are eroding under their own feet, if not the feet of their neighbors, or of people across oceans. These are people who are diagnosed with cancers. And easily one of the most prominent groups of people diagnosed with cancers, are women diagnosed with breast cancer. The McGrath Foundation is making a difference in the lives of women diagnosed with breast cancer, through fundraising efforts, physical care, psychological care and so much more.

Based in Australia, the McGrath Foundation doesn’t just fundraise for research into cures for breast cancer, but they also put funds towards the hiring of nurses to work with women diagnosed with breast cancer and their families. After all, a disaster is a disaster, whether it be personal, national or international. A diagnosis of breast cancer feels just as devastating as a bushfire to the women diagnosed, and to their spouses, loved ones, children, and family members. Devastation is devastation, no matter the scale. And the McGrath Foundation understands this, and strives to be a helper in the face of this personal disaster of a diagnosis.

As of January 2020, supporting the McGrath Foundation has more than 75,000 across Australia alone, providing over 200,000 hours of care, education and support to women diagnosed with breast cancer and their families. Which is why this organization deserves as much public support as do the organizations currently helping Australia with the bushfire devastation, and currently helping earthquake victims and others throughout the rest of the world.

The McGrath Foundation does great work with the people of Australia every single day of every single year. This does not negate the outpouring of public support that incidents such as the recent bouts of devastation around the world bring on. Rather, organizations like the McGrath Foundation stand strong as diligent workers, continuously offering their services, their expertise, their funding, to help women grapple with their devastating diagnoses of breasts cancer. The McGrath Foundation counsels and works with family members reeling from their diagnoses of their wives, their mothers, their children as having breast cancer. And the employees of this foundation, their nurses, and their staff members, they do this work non-stop for every woman who needs them, and every family member as well, every day that this individualized devastation visits a new household.

Organizations like The McGrath Foundation need the support of the public just as much as do the firefighters and the emergency workers when disasters strike. The disasters that this foundation work with strike every day, nearly every few hours Breast cancer is a disaster that strikes quietly, heartbreakingly, and constantly. This foundation is doing the hard work of researching, fundraising, and caring for the people trapped in the clutches of this disease, helping every day.

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