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Howard Schultz is a putz

Howard Schultz, would-be centrist presidential candidate, on Medicare for All: “That’s not American.”

So, what is American?

Thirty million people without health insurance, up 4 million since Donald Trump took office.

That’s American.

Another 40 million have health insurance that they can’t afford to use.

That’s American.

People who have good health insurance and good jobs are on social media every day starting GoFundMe’s when something catastrophic happens.

That’s American.

You fall on a sidewalk on vacation, and you refuse the ambulance to the local hospital, because your good health insurance won’t pay the $20,000 bill for the ride.

That’s American.

Thirty percent of what we pay for healthcare goes to insurance companies that don’t do a damned thing to provide actual healthcare.

That’s American.

We can’t all have Bill Gates’ dad help us become a billionaire.

But, thinking that having Bill Gates’ dad help you become a billionaire is the definition of pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps …

Yeah, that’s American.

Column by Chris Graham