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Biker bracelet: A striking accessory for every man

One might think that biker bracelets are made exclusively for motorcyclists. But, just the way leather jackets became an essential part of every person’s wardrobe, biker jewelry has gained many fans among the non-biker audience. That’s why you don’t have to ride a motorcycle to put on a biker bracelet or a ring.


biker bracelet
Credit: Viorel Sima

What makes a regular men’s bracelet biker is symbolism common in the motorcycle-adoring culture. Skulls, bones, flames, crosses, Indians, Aztec gods, animals, Celtic, the list of biker motifs can go on and on. No doubt that a skull is the most prominent symbol for bikers but do you know what it means? A layman would say that a skull signifies death but, in fact, it has a more profound meaning. Personally for motorcyclists, a skull item is an amulet that safeguards against injuries and premature death.

Biker jewelry stands for many respectful things such as fraternity, honor, loyalty, freedom, etc. A bracelet with motorcycle symbolism is not only a striking accessory but also a way to demonstrate you share and respect these values.

The Variety of Styles

Biker symbolism is organically incorporated into massive and solid bracelets. There are a few interesting models you should consider if you want to get your hands on a biker wrist ornament:

  1. Chain bracelet. This is an evergreen classic of biker jewelry. Some models are pretty straightforward and clean-cut featuring nothing more than a chain with a clasp. These items wouldn’t be different from regular men’s bracelets unless they featured stout appearance and rather heavy weight. To add some zest into a piece, jewelers often complement chain bracelets with a signature element such as a skull clasp or cross pendant.
  2. Leather bracelet. Leather is basically bikers’ second skin. We see this material in motorcycles, biker gears, and, of course, apparel. No wonder that leather became a popular option for jewelry and accessories. It is essential for biker wallets, belts, necklaces, and bracelets. The most iconic bracelets feature a wide leather strap adorned with spikes, studs, or in-your-face metal plates. Such a model actually evolved from leather gears that bikers used to worn around their wrists. They protected wrists from fatigue during riding and also served as protection when a rider fell off a saddle.
  3. Fancy link bracelets. Bikers are suckers for quirky and leftfield designs. It comes as no surprise that they took chunky metal bracelets as a basis and smeared biker symbolism all over. As a result, you can see all-skull or all-cross bracelets on the shelves of biker jewelry stores. For example, check this bracelet out, its piston-shaped links feature Iron Cross designs that stand out against the oxidized silver finish. No doubt such a piece required a lot of thought and labor, especially when crafted by hand. In return, we’ve received an item every motorcyclist would be proud to rock on his wrist.
  4. Beaded bracelets. These feature a relaxed and down-to-earth attitude. Despite numerous disturbing news about scuffles between motorcycle gangs, not all bikers are scumbags. In fact, most men on steel horses just want to feel free, have fun, and get a sense of adventures. These motorcycle enthusiasts ooze an almost tangible romantic vibe. Heavy metal accessories hold them down, that’s why they choose something more earthy and organic. Bracelets made of stone, bone, or wood beads fit perfectly into the concept of romantic bikering.


Traditionally, biker jewelry was made of makeshift materials – even a piece of used motorcycle chain could get a new life as a necklace, wallet chain, or bracelet. In the 1950s, motorcycle gangs that teemed in the Southern States discovered burly Mexican rings that unofficially became the first biker jewelry. Those were made of re-melted Centavos and featured a slight yellow hue. Although bikers enjoyed massive solid rings, the yellow-ish color was a little out of place. Indeed, motorcycle chrome parts were rather silver-colored and they didn’t go well with yellow metals. It only was a matter of time when the idea of biker jewelry was implemented in white metals.

Since then, the majority of biker bracelets are made of silver or steel as a cheaper alternative. Gold is not the obvious jewelry choice for bikers but gilded accents and details are welcome. Bikers don’t mind gems and precious stones as long as a bracelet design remains masculine and tough. The most popular stones are amethysts, rubies, agates, garnets, emeralds, and black onyx. As we have already mentioned, a good old biker bracelet can also be made of cowhide or other durable leather.

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